Medical  <span>Cannabis</span> Canada

Medical Cannabis Canada

IT Solutions revolutionizing Canadian Cannabis Industry

As per Google, spending on legal marijuana across North America is expected to hit $57 billion by 2027.

For technology practitioners, the legalization of Medical & Recreational marijuana in United States and Canada is all set to bring some hefty opportunities. Technology is going to impact the every single corner of the Marijuana industry whether it is Internet of things for Marijuana smart farming, On-demand Mobile Apps for marijuana dispensary business, eCommerce store for marijuana sellers, social platform for the marijuana business community, etc. Below are some solutions which will help marijuana business owners generate more revenue and build strong relationships with their consumers through a variety of Marijuana products featuring online ordering, customer loyalty programs, personalised messaging, and predictive analytics.


IT solutions for Marijuana Industry


For cannabis solutions providers, the legalization of Medical & Recreational marijuana in United States and Canada is all set to bring some hefty opportunities. It is apparent that IT companies are going to play a major role in every single corner of  the Marijuana industry.

Let’s Nurture is the best mobile app development company in Canada, offering end-to-end solutions for Canadian Cannabis industry. We have unmatched expertise in providing range of solutions like custom cannabis app development, cannabis marketplace app development for on-demand marijuana delivery, IoT based Cannabis Cultivation solutions, eCommerce solutions for marijuana sellers, social media platform development for cannabis business communities, etc.

Below are some cannabis solutions which will help marijuana business owners generate more revenue and build strong relationships with their consumers.

On demand Cannabis Delivery App

On demand Cannabis Delivery App

Our On demand Cannabis delivery app development services boost weed dispensary business in North America. On-demand Marijuana Delivery App solutions by our expert Android / iOS and web development teams will connect cannabis consumers with Marijuana dispensaries in certain locations. Leveraging this on demand delivery app platform, medical marijuana patients can easily order medical marijuana products online and can get it delivered to their homes.

  • Real-time tracking and Status update
  • Dispensary aggregator and ordering platform solutions
  • Brand experience and brand management
  • Increase the sales and overall ROI
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Telemedicine Services for Patients

Telemedicine Services for Patients

For patients consuming medical marijuana, Let’s Nurture offer best-in-class telemedicine services. Leveraging our expertise in providing smart healthcare solutions, we have developed online platform using cutting-edge technologies where patients can receive online consultation from doctors and physician with audio and video chat. With the legalization of medical marijuana, The telemedicine service is going to be a big upgrade in healthcare and marijuana sectors in Canada.

  • On demand expert consultation platform
  • Real-time and accurate consumption details sharing
  • Live Interaction between patient and doctors
  • Store and forward the Information exchanged
  • Remote monitoring of Patient’s health and statistics
  • Secured data communication
IoT based Cannabis Cultivation Solutions

IoT based Cannabis Cultivation Solutions

Our IoT app development engineers are experts in providing Smart Cannabis cultivation solutions for Marijuana manufacturing industry leveraging Internet of Things (IoT). We provide precision farming solutions with custom IoT app development services that will allow help producers to get accurate and real-time data regarding soil moisture, temperature and nutrients through various IoT sensors. IoT technology gathers real-time data which can be used for predictive analytics leveraging Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Increase hemp or marijuana production with our tailor-made Crop Monitoring solution.

  • Sensor-based field and resource mapping
  • Precision farming
  • Monitor crop inventory
  • Automated water supply
  • Remote equipment monitoring
  • Climate monitoring and forecasting
  • Predictive analytics for crops and livestock
Consignment tracking solution for Marijuana traders

Consignment tracking solution for Marijuana traders

Tracking location in real time has become easy by way of GPS tracking solutions. Marijuana Traders & businesses can check & keep track of their consignments sent to the retailers or any other institutional clients in real time. We offer end-to-end GPS and Geofence solutions for hemp businesses which will enable enhanced mapping & navigation, place annotations, recommendations, supply chain monitoring, productivity & more.

  • GPS tracker system integration
  • Geo location enterprise solutions
  • Asset tracking solutions
  • Gain flexibility with accurate records
  • Reduction of cost by minimizing labor and administration
  • Secure assets and reduce loss with automated monitoring
  • Improve accountability in inventory management
Marijuana retail Brand Digitisation

Marijuana retail Brand Digitisation

A brand building approach with the acceptance of Website and mobile applications is going to enhance your Marijuana retail business and rapid growth in sales is confirmed with proper and focused marketing. We are a leading digital marketing agency providing range of branding and SEO services to increase your outreach in order to boost ROI. We offer full range of marketing services, starting from SEO, ASO, Content Marketing, SMM, SMO, PPC, Ecommerce consulting and Marketing services globally. Let’s Nurture helps brands to enhance their digital presence globally or for the targeted geography.

  • Branding and consultation
  • Brand experience and brand management
  • Digital marketing solutions and services
  • Increase outreach
Social network for the Marijuana user community

Social network for the Marijuana user community

Custom social media platform development for the Marijuana-loving community will allow them to share photos of flowers, post contents along with finding smoking buddies. Our social media platform solution for cannabis industry can help hemp consumers to browse profiles of dispensaries, lists of upcoming cannabis events and much more. Earlier even the most passionate hemp consumers were hesitated connecting to a marijuana company. Legalization of marijuana has given companies and hemp consumers an opportunity for an effective engagement.

  • Build relationships with like minded people
  • Share your experiences
  • Increase your brand visibility
  • Connect anytime with your marijuana Buddies
Industry Detail

What sets us apart for Cannabis Industry Mobility Solutions?

Our in-house experienced team of Web, Mobile App, IoT developers and Business consultants understand the pain points of our clients and ensure to add business value by delivering the best product with quality services. We bring years of combined expertise in IT consultation, custom mobile and web development services for marijuana industry leveraging cutting-edge technologies.

  • Expertise in developing on demand with marketplace apps.
  • Affordable Marijuana Marketplace mobile app estimation
  • Agile Development Process
  • Experts with rigorous experience in developing iOS/Android apps
  • Consultation on strategic features and their development
  • Efficient testing strategies
  • 24*7 support
  • Consultation with Industry experts
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