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Smart Mirror-Based Retail Solutions for Enhanced Shopping Experience on eCommerce Platforms

What is Smart Mirror?

Smart Mirror is a technological solution for the biggest bottlenecks in any retail showroom. Especially considering the new normal of compulsory social distancing and touchless transactions, Smart Mirror can be the tool to help revive your retail showroom’s traffic and business.

Smart mirror

What does Smart Mirror do?

Designed to blend into any store or interior decor, Smart Mirror is a free standing mirror cabinet supported by a solid metal base. The large electronic display behind the glass in the two-way mirror assists in both these activities to transform retail signage solutions to improve the shopping experience of shoppers in digitized stores. Our AI-based Smart Mirror is easily customisable for all types of showrooms.

Who can use Smart Mirror?

Full length mirror

Apparel Stores

Bust height mirrors

Cosmetics Stores

Bust height mirrors

Jewelry Stores

How does Smart Mirror work?

Bust height mirrors

Bounding Box Data for Face Detection

The face detection algorithm in Smart Mirror will create a box around the customer’s face, forming a bounding box value that has X as height and Y as width. Now, these coordinates will be used to render the customer’s face and display it as preset coordinates -- behind a prop with a face cutout, as if you are posing behind the physical prop.

Bust height mirrors

3D Photo-realistic Models

3D modeling, texturing, and rigging will be deployed to generate the 3D photo-realistic models to create a real-life shopping experience for customers as if they are browsing the products in a three-dimensional form.

Bust height mirrors

Real-time Image Processing

Via real-time image processing functions, Smart Mirror will be able to superimpose both fashion and non-fashion products onto the photographs taken at different positions to detect the eyes, shoulders, head, etc in the photos.

Bust height mirrors

Gesture Recognition

Smart Mirror will read the body motion of the customers, primarily body and hand gestures to perform specific functions, such as take photos, browse new collections, etc. For instance, raise the hand to take a photo and swipe to try different outfits.

Elevate Your Routine with Let's Nurture Smart Mirror Service

Discover the Future of Reflection

Imagine waking up to a mirror that not only reflects your image but also reflects the future of technology. Let's Nurture brings you the Smart Mirror Service, an innovative blend of functionality and sophistication. This cutting-edge technology transforms the conventional mirror into an interactive and intelligent assistant, seamlessly integrating into your daily routine. With features that surpass traditional mirrors, our Smart Mirror Service is designed to enhance your lifestyle, offering convenience, efficiency, and elegance like never before.

Elevate Your Everyday Rituals

Experience the fusion of innovation and practicality with Let's Nurture Smart Mirror Service. Whether you're preparing for the day ahead, staying updated with the latest news, or unwinding after a long day, our smart mirror caters to all your needs. Get personalized weather updates, access your calendar, listen to your favorite music, and stay connected with social media—all while getting ready in front of your mirror. With voice command capabilities and customizable interfaces, our Smart Mirror Service adapts to your preferences, making every interaction effortless and enjoyable. Elevate your everyday rituals and embrace the future of self-care with Let's Nurture Smart Mirror Service.

How to buy?

This AR-based Smart Mirror system for retailers is available in 2 sizes:

Full Length Mirror

Can support all types of men's and women's clothing items.

Can be used with gesture control from a maximum distance of 5 feet.

Can support upto 50 types of clothing items.

One time set up of store specific catalogue required.

Fabrication, Catalogue set up & delivery timeline: 4-5 weeks

Bust sized Mirror

Can support all types of men's and women's accessories and make up items.

Can be used with gesture control from a maximum distance of 3 feet.

Can support upto 50 types of accessories.

One time set up of store specific catalogue.

Fabrication, Catalogue set up & delivery timeline: 4-5 weeks.

Why Smart Mirror for your retail store?

  • Eliminates trial rooms and long standing queues.
  • Offers contactless try on and contactless checkout for COVID friendly environment.
  • Tracks buyer browsing & purchase patterns to improve shopping experience.
  • Reduces returns and environmental waste by creating a sustainable supply chain using AI-powered technologies.
  • Showcases all products even when they are out of stock.
  • Minimizes your operating costs by letting Smart Mirror’s automated system do all the hard work for you.
  • Enhances customer experience by giving them access to your full range of products on the spot.
  • Reduces ecological footprint by offering a solution that minimizes material waste and damaged stock.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What technology is used in smart mirrors?

These mirrors consist of a microcontroller board for processing inputs and providing outputs on the LCD/LED screen. The latter involves the use of robust hardware technology. In addition, it also involves the use of IoT, AI, RFID, and advanced display technologies.

For smart mirror, do you provide the 3D models?

Yes, we will provide 20 3D models free. If you want more than 20, then the cost will depend on the complexity of the clothes.

Can I get a live demo by your Smart Mirror team?

Yes, of course. We do offer a live demo for all our IoT solutions we have developed to our clients. We insist our client to go for a live demo in order to know their clear understanding about the solutions we provide, hence we can do the custom changes as per their business requirements to deliver a robust and perfect solution.

Will you help in installing Smart Mirror at my place?

Our IoT engineers will visit the place beforehand for the installation of the Smart Mirror system. We train our clients on every aspect to make sure that proper functioning of the system is understood with all the features.

Is Smart Mirror only for clothing?

No, the customers can try on different products such as dresses, jewelry, cosmetics, hair-do, etc.

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