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Looking for a solution to grow your Consumer Goods / FMCG business?

More than 60% of people are using smartphones now and the number of digital buyers will reach to 2.14 billion worldwide.

The way how consumers buy goods and how industrialists are producing consumer and packaged goods(CPG) is changing through innovations & technology. From gathering raw materials for goods production to selling a product to consumers, everything got engaged with IoT technology somewhere.

Regardless of the size of the industry, companies are finding ways how to make their customer happy and provide on ever-increasing expectations. Mobile technology and the Internet of Things is already having massive impacts on the consumer goods industry from manufacturing to shipping to selling to marketing.

e-Commerce Development Solutions

e-Commerce Development Solutions

The change in the dynamism of consumer industry is as fast as the operations happening in this domain. People have created their virtual world where they browse products online, view varieties of products and order it to get delivered at their place. This transformation is turning towards major revolution in consumer goods industry.

  • Sell your products at a global level
  • Brand your business
  • Increase your online presence
  • Streamlined customer management solution
Warehouse Management System

Warehouse Management System

Supply chain & finished product storage require to be managed more efficiently. With IoT solutions, an item is processed seamlessly and the meta information about the product is tracked and recorded in an inventory management system.

  • Customized warehouse management system as per retail business
  • Locating products just by unique id
  • Smart inventory management using IoT
  • Sensored product inspection
  • Built-in RFID tags with all information about an item
Asset Tracking Management Solution

Asset Tracking Management Solution

Asset Management is a comprehensive and time-consuming process that helps tracking of various assets along with recording its details. All businesses have a large number of assets that they need to track and maintain. GPS tracking solution for your assets ensures productivity, compliance, accuracy and accountability.

  • Faster data collection and storing
  • Human error elimination
  • Cost reduction by minimizing labor and administration
  • Locate lost or misplaced assets
  • Enhance accountability in inventory management system
AR based shopping

AR based shopping

Augmented reality is expected to rapidly grow to $120 billion in revenue by 2020. Augmented Reality is not just an imagination but it helps your customer to realize and feel the product while purchasing. AR technology gives you immersive experience into 2D and 3D graphics, audio and video.

  • Enhance shopping experience
  • Create interactive marketing campaigns
  • Comfort and ease of shopping
  • Blessings for people who can’t leave their house
m-Commerce and mobile payment solutions

m-Commerce and mobile payment solutions

The mobile market is evolving with increase in needs of customers. In fact, 35% of visitors to e-commerce store prefer to use the mobile app for shopping rather than web store. Along with m-Commerce development, Mobile payment sector is also growing fast with wide range of methods for processing purchase payments.

  • Updates via push notification
  • Instant contact to customer care
  • Product tracking
  • m-Wallet payment solutions
  • Direct mobile billing solutions
Industry Detail

How Let’s Nurture can help?

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Our offerings and capabilities

  • Marketing services and branding
  • Beacon solutions for malls and shop
  • Chatbot development services
  • IoT solutions to enhance shopping experience
  • Augmented Reality solution for shoppers and buyers.
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