Mobile App Development

Enterprise Mobile Apps

Enterprise Mobile Apps

We specialize in developing mobile applications for your enterprise, enabling all employees to have simplified access to company data and allowing uniform experiences with minimal human interaction. Irrespective of the business heirarchy, we have the team to conceptualize and develop a custom enterprise mobile app for Android, iOS, and cross-platform.

Business Mobile Apps

Business Mobile Apps

Business mobile apps can be a boon to any business, centralizing access to one platform. Leveraging mobile app development, we help mobilize your internet communication, streamline operations, and process information and provide it instantly to users. Get best-in-class custom mobile applications developed by us to attract customers, speed up your sales process, and build a brand.

Consumers Mobile Apps

Consumers Mobile Apps

We provide expert cosultation for the development flawless, quality, scalable mobile apps for communities, brands, and small businesses.Our aim is to build elegant custom mobile apps to empower businesses and consumers by adding value to consumers' online experiences. We don't just deliver mobile apps, we deliver trust.

iOS App Development

iOS App Development

Our mobile application development team has built hundreds of iOS applications for our various customers. We have developed iOS apps not just for various industries but also for various countries including Australia, Singapore, the UAE, Canada, the USA, and many more. Our iOS dev team has proficency in Objective – C & Swift, which helps in legacy mobile app development cycles. Importantly, our mobile app development team is well versed with CI/CD and build automation processes.

  • Swift Development
  • iWatch Apps
  • iOS/ iPhone App development
  • iPad App Development
  • Apple TV App development
  • Hire dedicated iOS developers
  • iOS training and development program
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Android App Development

Android App Development

Let’s Nurture is a leading mobile app develop company in India, the USA, and Canada, with many experiences in providing custom Android app development services globally. As Android is open-source, there are hundreds of different sized smartphones on the market. The most important aspect of mobile app development in Android is to release an app that works on all devices. Androind app developers need a strong command over Kotlin, Java, C, C++, HTML, and CSS. Most importantly, our developers have exposure to wearable apps, TV apps, Android Auto, Android Things, and Firebase, givin up a uniquely valued proposition.

  • Android wear Apps
  • Android App development
  • Android Tablet App development
  • Smart Watch App Development
  • Smart Android TV App development
  • Android training and development program
  • Hire dedicated Android developers
React Native App Development Company US

React Native App Development Company US

Our expert React Native development team delivers the best possible cross-platform application development services to deliver a product as close as possible to a native Android or iOS application. React Native developers from Let’s Nurture are well-versed in all React Native tools, including React Native Expo, VSCode, ESLint, Flow, Enzyme, and Reactotron; frameworks like Snowflake, Ignite, Nativebase; and libraries such as React Navigation, MobX, and Animatable. Leverage the benefits of React Native development for a strategic business growth at an affordable cost.

  • React Native App Customization
  • React Native Android App Development
  • React Native iOS App Development
  • React Native UI/ UX Application Design
  • React Native Support & Maintenance
  • React Native App Upgradation
  • React Native Module bridging to Android
  • React Native Module bridging to iOS
  • React Native API development
  • Migrating to React Native Platform
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Cross platform/ Hybrid App Development

Cross platform/ Hybrid App Development

Just like Android and iOS, Let’s Nurture is an award-winning cross-platform application development company in India and the USA. Our apps can can run flawlessly on all mobile platforms. Our cross-platform developers are well-versed in using trending technologies and frameworks like Xamarin, React Native, Nativescript, PhoneGap/Apache Cordova, and Appcelerator’s Titanium. Our team has shown excellence in writing compact and clean code for web technologies (CSS3, JavaScript, HTML5, C#, etc.) and building required protocol stacks such as RTP, HTTP, SOAP, XML, REST, etc. Hire affordable cross-platform app development services for rich and intuitive apps.

  • Cross Platform Apps
  • Phone Gap App development
  • Ionic App development
  • React Native App development
  • Hire dedicated App developers
AR/VR App Development

AR/VR App Development

Being a trusted Augmented Reality (AR) application development company in India, the USA, and Asian-Pacific countries, we help businesses to give their customers a whole new world in front of their eyes by leveraging AR technology integrated with quality mobile applications. Hire our AR app developers, who are experts in AR development using location-based tracking, 3D modeling and visualization, 360 degree panoramic imaging, real-time character identification, and more. We are experts in all major AR tools such as Wikitude, Vuforia, Catchoom, ViewAR, and Augment.


  • Google Glass App Development
  • Unity AR application development
  • AR App development with Vuforia
  • AR App development using Wikitude
  • Microsoft HoloLens App Development
  • 3D AR apps development using Augment
  • iOS 12 AR app development using ARkit 2
  • Android AR app development using ARcore
  • Consumer Augmented Reality App Development
  • Professional Augmented Reality App Development
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Leading industries we have worked with

Retail Retail
E-commerce E-commerce
Home Services and Utilities Home Services and Utilities
Finance Finance
Health and Fitness Health and Fitness
Education Education
Travel and Hospitality Travel and Hospitality
Food and Beverage Food and Beverage
Sports Sports
Real Estate Real Estate
Enterprise and B2B Enterprise and B2B
Information Technology Information Technology

Portfolio Check our recent work here

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Garage App Garage App
IdolBee IdolBee
ViewChat ViewChat
StyleKonnect StyleKonnect


Q: Who will have access to my data with Let's Nurture?

A: Let's Nurture takes the privacy of your data and custom data seriously. Without a valid customer support reason or express written permission from a customer, Let's Nurture will not access your data under any circumstance.

Q: Which personnel works with cloud security at Let's Nurture?

A: Personnel working with cloud security are specifically defined and approved by Let's Nurture. They utilize secure virtual desktop environments which allow them to safely utilize cloud storage and security tools.

Q: How often does Let's Nurture back up my data?

A: Backups are performed both digitally to the cloud and to a physical hard drive on a weekly basis, with additional backups occasionally being performed on a daily basis if needed. These backups are typically kept for 30 days.

Q: Does Let's Nurture utilize encryption?

A: Yes, when storing data Let's Nurture utilizes database-level encryption to protect data within the cloud, as well as transit level encryption to prevent man-in-the-middle attacks and possible data leaks.

Q: Does Let's Nurture handle my software updates and patches?

A: Yes, in addition to monitoring your cloud security and storage; Let's Nurture will also maintain and support the regular updates and patches for your software in order to keep your data safe and prevent possible security flaws by hackers or bad actors.

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