Chatbot Development

Enterprise Chatbots

Enterprise Chatbots

With chatbots aiding development and implementation, enterprise resource management can be automated, reducing human intervention and corresponding costs. We have expertise in building custom chatbots that will reduce your enterprise's operational cost, while taking care of ERP, CRM, customer support, invoicing, payment, and more, according to your needs.

Business Chatbots

Business Chatbots

Chatbots can automate customer service while taing care of consuming B2B activities, from ticket generation to complaint management. With chatbots already transforming workplaces, making use of them will ensure your company's success in providing the best experience for your B2B customers.

Consumer Chatbots

Consumer Chatbots

Your chatbot, a virtual assistant, will be the first point of contact for potential customers. Chatbots can take orders and promote your offers, products, and services. Simplify the process for international payments by combining chatbots with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for more efficiency. Chatbots are an effective solution, taking care of major operations which would otherwise require human intervention.

Customised Chatbot

Customised Chatbot

AI Bot Flow Based Mobile App Bot NLP Bot Sequential Bot Voice Interface Bot

Chatbots are reshaping how industries and individuals interact, as well as how data is collected and communicated between parties. We develop smart chatbots to help you serve your customers round-the-clock with personalised experience. It is both faster than humans and capable of handling multiple conversations simultaneously.

  • Flow based Bot
  • Hybrid Bot
  • Website Bot
  • Mobile App Bot
  • Voice Interface Bot
  • Customised Bot
  • Monitoring Bot
  • Artificially Intelligent Bot
Social Media Chatbot

Social Media Chatbot

facebook Facebook Home Skype Telegram WeChat Whatsapp

Growth of social media marketing has required the dedication of many man-hours to interacting and engaging with fan bases. Social media chatbots can help to reduce some of those man-hours. These chatbots enable you to autmate your marketing campaigns, customer support, and sales in an intelligent manner. It enables you to keep in touch with prospects while improving the way you interact with customers.

  • Skype Bot
  • Slack Bot
  • WhatsApp Bot
  • Telegram Bot
  • IBM Watson Bot
  • Microsoft Bot
  • WeChat Bot
  • Facebook Bot
Consulting Chatbot

Consulting Chatbot

These chatbots act as a virtual personal assistant. With these bots, anything is possible from weather forecasts to dinner reservations, news updates to home appliance control. The level of automation is limitless and can eliminate up to 95% of manual intervention.

  • Concierge Bot
  • News Bot
  • Shopping Bot
  • Entertainment Bot
  • Travel Bot
  • Support Bot
  • Banking Bot
  • Personal Styling Bot

Use Cases of Chatbot Development

Chatbots have become increasingly popular across various industries due to their versatility and ability to automate customer interactions. Here are some key use cases where chatbot development can make a significant impact:

Customer Support and Assistance

Chatbots can provide 24/7 customer support, answering frequently asked questions, resolving common issues, and guiding users through troubleshooting steps. They can handle multiple customer queries simultaneously, reducing wait times and improving customer satisfaction.

E-commerce and Sales

Chatbots can act as virtual sales assistants, helping users discover products, providing personalized recommendations, and guiding them through the purchase process. They can also answer product-related questions, check order status, and assist with returns or exchanges.

Lead Generation and Qualification

By engaging visitors on websites or social media platforms, chatbots can capture leads and qualify potential customers. They can gather contact information, understand customer needs, and provide relevant information, ultimately increasing lead conversion rates.

Appointment Scheduling and Reminders

Chatbots can streamline the appointment scheduling process by allowing users to book appointments, check availability, and receive reminders. They can integrate with calendars, send notifications, and reduce administrative workload for businesses.

Information Retrieval and Knowledge Base

Chatbots can serve as intelligent information retrieval systems, providing instant access to a vast knowledge base. They can search and present relevant information, answer queries, and guide users through complex topics or documentation.

Travel and Hospitality

In the travel industry, chatbots can assist with flight and hotel bookings, provide travel recommendations, and offer real-time updates on flight statuses or weather conditions. They can also handle customer inquiries regarding travel itineraries, visa requirements, or local attractions.

HR and Employee Support

Chatbots can support internal processes by providing HR-related assistance, such as answering employee questions about policies, benefits, or payroll. They can also automate employee onboarding, training, and performance evaluation processes.

Virtual Assistants and Personal Productivity

Chatbots can act as virtual assistants, helping users with tasks such as setting reminders, managing to-do lists, sending notifications, or providing personalized content recommendations. They can integrate with various applications and devices to enhance productivity.

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Q: Who will have access to my data with Let's Nurture?

A: Let's Nurture takes the privacy of your data and custom data seriously. Without a valid customer support reason or express written permission from a customer, Let's Nurture will not access your data under any circumstance.

Q: Which personnel works with cloud security at Let's Nurture?

A: Personnel working with cloud security are specifically defined and approved by Let's Nurture. They utilize secure virtual desktop environments which allow them to safely utilize cloud storage and security tools.

Q: How often does Let's Nurture back up my data?

A: Backups are performed both digitally to the cloud and to a physical hard drive on a weekly basis, with additional backups occasionally being performed on a daily basis if needed. These backups are typically kept for 30 days.

Q: Does Let's Nurture utilize encryption?

A: Yes, when storing data Let's Nurture utilizes database-level encryption to protect data within the cloud, as well as transit level encryption to prevent man-in-the-middle attacks and possible data leaks.

Q: Does Let's Nurture handle my software updates and patches?

A: Yes, in addition to monitoring your cloud security and storage; Let's Nurture will also maintain and support the regular updates and patches for your software in order to keep your data safe and prevent possible security flaws by hackers or bad actors.

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