Smart Navigation & Information Sharing for an Invaluable Experience of Visiting a Museum

What is KonnectedArt?

KonnectedArt is a BLE/iBeacon-based application that offers enhanced experience to next-gen audiences by leveraging cutting-edge technologies for guided tours, floor plan showcase, events RSVP, and more.

KonnectedArt is a hardware which size varies based on range and battery. It transmits BLE signals upto a range of 400 meters (effectively around 50 meters), which are received by the smartphone with an app installed and then actions are triggered accordingly.

What does KonnectedArt do?

For visitors, navigating a museum confined in a small area is less challenging compared to the one involving a larger area. For a long time, signboards or tour guides or AV recordings have been in use for the navigation of museums spread over a large area. But they have certain limitations that restrict the free movement of visitors. In addition, curators also find it difficult to guide the latter systematically with signboards. KonnectedArt helps overcome the limitations of a signboard or a tour guide or any printed literature.

Who can use KonnectedArt?




Shopping Malls




Big Tech Parks


Housing Societies



How does KonnectedArt work?


Enhanced Experience via Cutting-edge Technologies

KonnectedArt works in conjunction with a mobile device. Each art piece will have a LE beacon attached to it. Once the user downloads the app, it helps them personalize their museum experience by sending the art information via notifications when the user stands in front of an art.


BLE-based Technology

Visitors can access the app through their media player. It uses Bluetooth technology to transmit energy at low signals to guide users through the GPS feature.


Easy Navigation

The compatible devices receive these signals. Due to the ability of the app to operate on mobile devices, visitors get portability. As a result, they can easily locate all the areas of a museum. No matter how far a museum is spread.

How much would KonnectedArt cost?

Devices Software Hardware
Upto 50 Exhibits $3500 $20/piece
50-100 Exhibits $5500 $15/piece
100+ Exhibits $7000 $12/piece
500+ Exhibits $9000 $8/piece

Why KonnectedArt for your museum?

  • Reusable for any retail space as a wayfinding & Traffic management tool
  • Eliminates human guides and other literature printing materials, resulting in reduced costs
  • Offers you detailed analytics of traffic, most/least popular exhibits, visitor exhibits, and much more
  • Long-term communication capability with visitors post their visit

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What technology does the KonnectedArt use to guide visitors?

The Smart Museum application uses Bluetooth and GPS technologies in conjunction with the smart OS to provide the necessary information to visitors.

How does the Smart Museum app improve the overall experience of visiting a museum?

The app offers specific information about various aspects of a museum, depending on your query. You can either save it or share it with others.

Can the Smart Museum app let me know everything about a museum?

Yes, you can enquire about all the relevant information about a museum and have the data at your fingertips with our Smart Museum app.

Can you brief me about the technologies that KonnectedArt uses for indoor mapping?

We usually get floor plans from the building owners and upload these floor plans to the back-end of KonnectedArt, where we can set up various layers on top of the globe. We need to set up the beacon layer for navigation and then we can automatically get navigation through our application and we will be able to navigate within any third-party mobile app by incorporating the SDK into the mobile application.

What is the proximity detection - accuracy and limitation of iBeacon to be used in a Museum?

Accuracy of an iBeacon is the best when the device is less than 1 meter away, and between 2-7 meters range the accuracy fluctuates +- 1.5 meters. Along with accuracy, the distance also matters between beacons. The device scans for beacons in 3 second intervals, and if it is not caught in 1st attempt then it may take upto 6 seconds the 2nd time. So, it’s good to have at least 2 beacons at each station if quicker detection is required.

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