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What is KarConnect?

KarConnect is a real-time vehicle diagnosis & driving behaviour monitoring platform which has 3 components:

  • KarConnect Device (OBD II chip)
  • Mobile Application
  • Web Version of the Application

Every year, thousands of people lose their lives due to road accidents. KarConnect is our sincere attempt to prevent them and save precious lives. Having this app on a smartphone significantly minimizes the possibility of road accidents. Besides, it also helps monitor the features of a car. Along with self-diagnosis, KarConnect also improves the trip experience of car users with the trip assistance feature.

KarConnect Features for a Hassle-Free Car Driving Experience

KarConnect comes equipped with all the essential features to make a difference to your overall experience of driving a car. Apart from safety, it also offers a wide range of solutions to track the features of a car and also monitor its health. With the hardware (OBD-II) and an app, you can streamline as well as manage the majority of car operations without any problem.

KarConnect assists car users with the following features:

Smart Vehicle Diagnosis

Smart Vehicle Diagnosis

The web app lets you monitor your vehicle including but not limited to tyre pressure, next service prediction, too much harsh acceleration, fuel level prediction, etc.

Enhanced Fuel Efficiency

Enhanced Fuel Efficiency

Based on the driver’s behaviour and current fuel economy, KarConnect will provide you tips on how to enhance fuel-efficiency via app notifications.

Predict Maintenance

Predict Maintenance

KarConnect will help you understand the health of your car based on the last service date. It will let you know your car’s next service and maintenance date.

SOS/Emergency Alerts System

SOS/Emergency Alerts System

“Safety first” is the primary objective of the KarConnect. It uses hardware called OBD-II (Onboard diagnostic) chip which assists in fetching the car data to give you unlimited solutions that can be utilized to track, streamline, and control the operations along with car maintenance.

Nearby Service Centres

Nearby Service Centres

Using Google Maps, the app will show the nearby service centres in addition to the emergency roadside assistance.

Live Location Tracking

Live Location Tracking

In case of theft, with real-time vehicle tracking, the app will provide you with the live location of your vehicle via theft alerts.

Why Use KarConnect?

Smart Solution at your fingertips

KarConnect offers you valuable insights into the health of your car and requisite information about the nearby service centres and garages.

Road safety

With KarConnect, you can break bad driving habits and adopt the best practices to avoid road accidents with safe driving.

Ease of use

KarConnect is easy to use. All you need to do is fix the device, download the app, and activate it. Thereafter, you’d be good to go with it.

Prompt assistance

On-time assistance matters the most in the hour of need. KarConnect helps you with prompt solutions.

Multi-language support

KarConnect displays codes in multiple languages for easy monitoring of car health and solution to various technical issues.

Make Your Car Smart

  • Ensure duel efficiency
  • Track your car
  • Car management system
  • Trip assistance
  • Self-diagnosis of car
  • Driving behaviour

How much would a KarConnect Device cost?

Modules Cost in CAD
Software CAD 5K
BLE based device For 0-50 devices: CAD 75 /device
More that 50 devices: CAD 60 /device

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does KarConnect work?

KarConnect works in conjunction with hardware (OBD-II) and a dedicated app. Following the installation of the device, all you need to do is download the app on your smartphone and activate it. Thereafter, you can start using KarConnect.

How does KarConnect help on the road when a car encounters a technical problem?

Upon experiencing a technical issue with your car, you look for nearby garages. On roads, KarConnect can save you both time and hassle by offering the requisite information about the nearby garages and car service centres.

Can KarConnect help save fuel?

The answer is yes. It indicates the availability of fuel in your four-wheeler from time to time to help you with it. This way, it helps enhance the fuel efficiency of your car as well as save money.

What is the battery life of the hardware device?

Karconnect device is BLE based, and has a battery life of 4-5 months. The app has a feature to alert you about battery status, and it is easy to replace the battery like any normal hardware device.

Do I have to pay anything after purchasing the device?

Your subscription for the first 1 year is free, upon purchase of the device. After that a nominal annual subscription fee is applicable.

Can I add more than one car to track?

Yes we do have a fleet owner module(Paid add-on) where in a family or fleet of cars can be added, with separate profiles assigned to each vehicle.

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