Launch Your Own Handyman App Like Uber in Canada or USA

Start an on-demand handyman app for your startup or business with our uber for home services solution. We offer a handyman on-demand app solution for both Android & iOS platforms.

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Launch Business Online With Handyman App Like Uber

The world is running so fast that people have a hard time or busy completing their household chores. Today, people are looking for a way through which their work can be finish in minutes. But with fast and busy life people don’t have time to find the service professional and to stand in a long queue to book their services. This is where our on-demand handyman services app development are a savior. A handyman app like uber is one of the ventures to help every size of business all over the world with an online platform.

Our handyman app solution is designed to deliver the best handyman services for both people, handyman professionals, and business ventures. Let's nurture is a leading on-demand app development company, we deliver marvelously functioning uber for handyman app for your startup or business. We offer a on demand handyman service app solution for both Android and iOS platforms. Our handyman clone app can handle more than 20 services including all on-demand services like beauticians, fitness coaches, carpenters, lawyers, plumbers, maids, massage therapists, plumbers, and more. Empower your business with our on-demand handyman service app development solution.

How Product Works

Simplistic and Cautiously to find a handyman service and get a on-demand handyman service done at the doorstep

1. Login/Signup

User can log in or sign up with providing basic information or through social sites like Facebook, or Google.

2. Search Provider

Users can search the nearest provider, they can view provider profile details with name, far from their location, service pricing, ratings, etc.

3. Place Order

After checking the provider profile and pricing; a user can choose the service based on their requirements and place the order.

4. Provider Offer Service

After accepting user requests, the provider arrived at the user location and offer a service.

5. Secure Payment

Once the service is completed, the user has a flexible payment option like cash, card, and in-app wallet.

6. Rating & Review

Once payment completed, the user & provider both can give reviews and ratings to each other based on the service experience.

Handyman User App Features

Check Handyman User App Preview & Features

Social Login

A user has an option to log in through a social account like Facebook, Google, or via Email.

Real-time Tracking

Users can track down the handyman service provider location with a real-time tracking option.

Schedule Booking

Users can book handyman services with go or schedule their appointment at a particular time.

Offer & Discount

Users can use offer & discount, to get a discount for their handyman services and reduce payment.

Easy Payment

To pay for provider services, the user has multiple payment options such as cash, credit, and wallet.

Review & Rating

After done service, users can give reviews & ratings to the service provider based on their experiences.

Handyman Provider App Features

Check Our Uber for Home Services Provider App Preview & Features


Handyman professionals register into an application with their information like name, email, contact details, etc.

Manage Request

Handyman professional manage new services request with one tap accepts or reject option based on availability.

Manage Service

Handyman professionals can add select services which they want to offer like plumber, electrician, etc.

View Earning

Professional has the option to view their earning report with complete, cancel, running, and pending services requests.

Profile Management

Professional can manage their profile information such as name, email, location, service radius, and profile picture.

On/Off Status

After the handyman account is approved by the admin, they have the option to manage their service status with the on/off option.

Handyman App – Super Admin Web Features

Check our super admin web panel features of handyman on-demand app


With a powerful admin panel, the admin can see the site statics like total services request, revenue, new user, and all handyman services.

Manage User/Provider

Admin can view all the information of the user and professionals including their status and manage their profile.

Promo Code

Admin can add or modify promo code details including name, offer type like percentage/amount, offer value, usage limit, and expiration date.

Payment Setting

Admin can manage the payment settings of the site like service-wise commission, tax percentage, and payment methods to pay for services.


Admin can be sent the mass notification message to all users, handyman professional. The features are used when the admin wants to broadcast a message.

Rating & Review

Admin can see the review & ratings of all users with particulate services with all user’s details.

Start Other On-Demand Service Business And Cover Entire Market

Are you want to start other handyman service businesses like beauty, Home Cleaning, Tutor, Pet Care, etc. We customize the handyman app to other handyman services for your business startup.

Home Cleaning





Pet Care



Smart Museum

Car Wash


Our AppoBook web panels, Android & iOS app source code developed using the below robust & scalable,technology architecture. The latest technology makes the complete script more powerful for your business.

Android studio
Android Studio
Google Maps
Google Maps
Mantis BT
Mantis BT
Google Webmasters
Google Webmasters
swift iOS
swift iOS

Why We Better?

Why our handyman on demand app better than other competitors

Our handyman app like uber app script includes Native Android, iOS app, and web panels with source code.

We provide an on-demand handyman service app with your brand name and logo. We launch your app in the play & app store with your company name.

We setup your uber for home services app & web with one-year technical support free of cost.

We offer an on-demand handyman app with local language and currency, so you launch the on-demand delivery script in your region.


Yes, our scripts codes are flexible. You can customize codes according to your requirements.

Yes, we are offering best web hosting services as per your requirements.p>

In our clone script no limit for a number of users & drivers.

Yes, we offer you with 1-Year free technical support. You can contact us anytime through email, skype or phone number.

Driver details position for pickup and pre pickup is working based on Google Latitude-Longitude address. Our script is tracking a location through google map’s Live Lat-Long address.

The script requires – Twilio SMS gateway, Payment Gateway (PayPal,, and Stripe), Google Map Key, Apple Developer account, Play store Developer account, and pubnub services.


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