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Looking for Smart Solutions in manufacturing and logistics industry?

“The IoT technology is evolving at a great pace. Intel predicts about 200 billion devices to get connected with internet and work as a IoT devices by 2020.”

The potential of implementing IoT thinking in manufacturing is limitless. And companies around the globe are investing in these technologies to reap financial benefits and work efficiencies.

The rising competition and change in expectations have resulted in a massive shift in product and service delivery approach. Customers need faster delivery with good quality and cost-effective services which is near to impossible by implementing human power. The smart solution in the manufacturing industry is evident in near future.

The digital change in Manufacturing Industry is driving the owners to replace the traditional methods of manufacturing by IoT and smart manufacturing. e.g. process chains, people, work environment, business models etc. Along with smart solutions in manufacturing, security is also major concern which should not be compromised.

Connect the Manufacturing factory via M2M technology

Connect the Manufacturing factory via M2M technology

In order to increase productivity, reduce downtime and maintain compliance within manufacturing industry,companies need a common platform for monitoring and controlling all processes. The communication space needs to be reduced among human, machines, things etc. which drastically helps in improving the quality and quantity of work.

  • Wireless technology provides flexible, and real-time communication between things, people, machines and databases.
  • Reliability in manufacturing industrial control system through motion control application.
  • Wireless controllers can offer scalability which lower downs the operating expenses by facilitating with proper visibility and control.
  • Get end-to-end security defenses.
Quick and easy manufacturing using IoT solutions

Quick and easy manufacturing using IoT solutions

According to IDC, IoT can give 15% productivity increase in delivery and supply chain performance.

IoT solution for manufacturing industry can have great impact on businesses. An IoT can make manual processes to automatic and improve information sharing between machines as well as humans.

  • IoT can automate the whole factory
  • Track manufacturing equipment
  • Scan customer details and can store it for further use
  • Remote monitoring
  • Quality control
  • Packaging optimization
  • Inventory management
  • Production flow monitoring
Robust manufacturing through chatbot development

Robust manufacturing through chatbot development

One of the most trending technology among Artificial Intelligence solutions is chatbot development for manufacturing industry. The chatbots are making things easier for customers and vendors even by being representatives alike. The possible enhancements in manufacturing sector are;

  • Chatbots can interact easily with vendors.
  • Perform HR related tasks and guide the customers.
  • Maintenance become easy and smooth for manufacturing establishment.
  • People could complain for what they bought and can get instant solution.
  • Quality control bots can be implemented to measure quality and take actions towards it accordingly.
Bluetooth Low Energy Beacon based smart solution

Bluetooth Low Energy Beacon based smart solution

Beacon based wireless technology which consumes low energy is used for transmission of data within short distance. BLE beacons are able to transmit and receive two way information. The beacon captures parameters like heat, pressure etc and can transmit it’s presence or message to nearby devices.

  • Sensors can be addon to detect collision.
  • Automate batch creation in ERP using the object to feed data as it approaches the processing plant.
  • Automated stock management.
  • Easy to map where the material is located.
  • Humidity and temperature sensors detect environment factors and obviate the chances of damage.
Impacts of Big Data on manufacturing units

Impacts of Big Data on manufacturing units

The biggest problem in manufacturing industry from product quality assurance to supply chain management can be solved by big data solutions. Any complex or smallest manufacturing processes if missed then it can prove to be havok to find the root cause of the problem. Find below how big data solutions can help the manufacturing industry;

  • Quality products output.
  • Estimating quantity demanded by precise forecasting.
  • Faster customer services by analyzing trend and customer emotions.
  • Plant performance identification by making sure that all parts of the machines are working in harmony.
  • Managing supply chain risks.
IoT based Fleet Tracking System

IoT based Fleet Tracking System

Tracking of fleet has been one of the major problem in logistic industry. IoT solutions for vehicle tracking system enables hassle free fleet management. Vehicle tracking solution is now lot more economical, automated, reliable and efficient. GPS system has been around since early 19’s even when IoT devices were in no existence. Leveraging IoT solutions for fleet tracking businesses can achieve:

  • Process automation
  • Enhanced analysis
  • Easy and efficient operations
  • Fleet data gathering and monitoring for predictive analysis
  • Cost optimization
  • Limiting vehicle’s movement
Asset Management and Tracking Intelligence

Asset Management and Tracking Intelligence

Emerging technology brings you a asset management system to take decisions for your company wisely. Asset tracking IoT solutions enables you to ensure protection and safety for a variety of company assets.

  • Get real-time visibility of locations
  • Instant notifications for departure and delivery
  • Monitoring valuable machinery
  • Surveil inventory movements
  • Real time automated RTI pallet and traceability
Smart and Secure Warehouse System

Smart and Secure Warehouse System

Our customized solution for smart warehouse can be integrated virtually with any system and customer. Seamless integration of smart warehouse management solutions you will insanely increase the productivity and cut costs.

  • Avoid human errors
  • Ensure happy customers
  • Boost efficiency and speed throughout the entire supply chain
  • Optimize stock and shipping costs by streamlining processes
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