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Looking to expand your business in Real Estate industry via Smart Solutions?

By 2050, the urban population will increase by 75% to 6.3 billion, from 3.6 billion in 2010

If you are looking to enhance the operations and productivity to have a clear vision and controlled monitoring, we provide custom Real Estate mobility solutions as per your business needs or construction project requirements.

Our solutions for Real Estate industry provide endless possibilities leveraging custom mobile app development integrated with Internet of Things (IoT), GPS/ Geolocation solutions, beacons/ BLE technology, portfolio content management, Chatbot and much more. This provides businesses with a key towards enhanced operations, vision to all aspects of portfolio and properties listed, information about accounts and maintenance history.

We, at Let’s Nurture, believe that our solutions for Real Estate industry will help business owners to make better management decision and also to reduce overall costs.

Mobile App Development for Real Estate Agents

Mobile App Development for Real Estate Agents

Real estate profession is very competitive. If you fail to close the client by any means then you might get caught by great loss. Even if the customer is not available, the realtor can send updates about the best suited properties.

  • Send recurring property details by mail or message
  • Keep updated about status of property
  • Flexible working practices for realtors
  • Real time notification about customer approval/disapproval
Mobile Technology for Customers

Mobile Technology for Customers

More than 80% buyers of new property use internet and mobile search to research before they actually commit to the Real Estate agents. Moreover, the smartphone users are increasing day-by-day. Real Estate app development and real estate website development allow customers to find properties around their current location.

  • Integrate digital footprint with geolocation services
  • Search results based on their current location.
  • Let customer connect to you via request handling.
  • Provide them real time assistance
  • Listing corporate programs for rents
  • Provide value and history of property/land
  • Graphical property listing
Beacon Integration for Real Estate Marketing

Beacon Integration for Real Estate Marketing

Bluetooth Low Energy technology enabled beacons are now dominating the way of marketing your business. Realtors can get beacons integrated in the properties in order to notify the people around it who are in search of property.

  • Proximity marketing software
  • Allows realtors to select notifications to be sent
  • Location based property listing
  • Offer clients with property information wherever they wanted
  • Custom message to potential client when they pass by the property
CMS Development for better engagement

CMS Development for better engagement

Having customer data helps businesses to implement strategies for more future engagement to maintain and increase customer retention. At the same time, it is also essential to secure the data in order to avoid data manipulation. Customer Management System development allows real estate agents to keep all their customer’s data in a savvy format while keeping it safe.

  • Quick and easy data management
  • Glance at status of all content in graphical format
  • Allows multiple users
  • Keep track of all clients and history
Boost your sell by using AR/VR Technology

Boost your sell by using AR/VR Technology

Real estate industry is already changing fast with enhanced technology making great impact on how people find and view the property. AR/VR technology is becoming increasingly popular technologies in real estate industry, as they allow users realtors to provide unique experience and feel to their potential client.

  • Digital tour of properties from anywhere in the world
  • Save your and client’s time
  • Visit an apartment via virtual tour
  • Speed up the buying process
  • Allow to have the feel of property before it has constructed
Industry Detail

How Let’s Nurture can help?

Let’s Nurture have experts who have delivered successful and functional mobile apps using technologies such as – BLE, Geolocation, Accelerator sense, etc. To get your own real estate mobile app or real estate web development by integrating Chatbot then mail us at enquiry@letsnurture.com.

You can also reach us to share your ideas and get a free consultation about how to grow your real estate business by getting a quote for free.

Our Offering and Capabilities

  • Proximity marketing via Beacons
  • Chatbot integration in mobile apps
  • Custom mobile app development for realtors
  • AR/VR smart solutions for real estate
  • Web development for brand awareness
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