How Much Would It Cost to Develop an Anonymous Group & Private Chat App like Q Chat?

Personal data isn’t personal anymore. Internet surveillance and data logging make it extremely difficult to keep our data safe and secure. Right from the reasons of national security to advertising a lot of people are after your data for personal gains.

To combat such hazards, anonymous chat apps like Q Chat and Snapchat are on the rise, ensuring to keep our personal data and information safe and confidential by offering security services.

Generating an idea for the development of anonymous messaging applications or cost determination depends on not just one but several factors. Read on to get an insight into how you can estimate the cost of developing such an application and achieve the objective of developing it.

About Q Chat

Q Chat is an innovative chat/messaging application that lets a user connect to another user through both group and private rooms without having to sign up. As such, it is the best anonymous chat option for group chat as well as one-on-one conversation.It is a free application that works without registration. A user can choose their favourite nickname and a visually pleasing avatar to showcase their taste. Besides, the app also allows them to visit the profiles of other users, message them privately and receive notifications.

Basic Features and Cost Estimation

App Users End-user App Admin
Features Guest User Interface without login/sign up with auto-generated usernames. Login
Social login/Register Manage users
Find users Manage Public Chat rooms
Apply Filter for specific search results (Filter by Gender and country) Manage Users Blocked List
Manage Single Chat Rooms Manage Notifications
Create & Manage Group rooms (Edit group chat names) Manage Offers or Promotions.
Get Suggested users based on your logged in profile and contacts, if you allow the app the permission to access them both. Manage Users Radius for suggested users logic.
Make Private Chat request with Anonymous users Manage XP Logic for each likes on users messages
Receive Private chat request from Anonymous users Export reports and View Analytics
Visit the world room and chat with anonymous app users of the platform. Manage Chat back-ups
Initiate private one to one or group chat from world room users. Manage User Favourites (only view)
Media sharing in chat (Audio,Videos, Documents, Contacts sharing). Manage Users Bookmark (only view)
Location Sharing only by Registered users. Manage Security guidelines
Block Users Manage Rewards type and amount for App sharing to other users
Quote Messages Manage CMS
Earn XP and Rewards for each of your messages in the world room. Manage Reported messages
Like / Dislike Messages Manage Contact us messages(View/enable/disable and delete) .
Add messages to bookmarkAdd messages to bookmark Re-activate Users Account.
Add individual and Group chat as Favourites Account Settings
Sort Chat by Recent Messages, By Unread and Favourites Logout
Hide Chat or create secret conversation
Clear Chat
Account Deactivation
Share Apps with your friends and family members and earn rewards.
Push Notification services with Mute individual chat notification options.
Sync your Contacts with the app.
Read Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policies and other CMS
Contact the Admin for any issues in the platform.
Account Settings:
  • -Upload Profile Picture
  • -Add mobile number
  • -Add Date of Birth
  • -Gender
  • -Country,city and location data
Cost of Development CAD 35000 to CAD 39000 for Android+iOS user apps & Web based Admin dashboard.

Add On Features

Features Category Customer Features Admin Features
Add-on Features QR scan to share Profile and initiate chat Real time Data Analytics
Add Stories & Reply to Stories of other users 24/7 Live Chat Support channel between App users and admin
  • Choose Chat Screen Theme
    • -Colour
    • -Modes (light/Dark)
Create Poll and Manage its settings
Call and video call features
Read / Unread Messages
Create your own Avatars and stickers

Resource Team to Develop an App like Q Chat

For the successful execution of a Q Chat-like app development project, you will need a team of professionals involving the following:

  • A Project Manager
  • A Business Analyst
  • UI and UX Designer
  • An iPhone Developer
  • Quality Assurance Engineer
  • Backend Developer
  • An Android Developer

Technology Stack We Use

Fabric iOS
Fabric iOS
Android Studio
Android Studio
Google Analytics
Google Analytics
Google API
Google API
MEAN Stack
MEAN Stack
Mantis BT
Mantis BT
Google Webmasters
Google Webmasters
swift iOS
swift iOS

Why Choose Let’s Nurture?

  • Experience and expertise: Let’s Nurture has a vast experience in building messaging applications for reputed clients. If you have an app idea in mind or wish to develop a messaging application for your project, share it with us. Our developers will turn it into reality by bringing both their experience and expertise together.

  • Comprehensive service: We believe in serving our clients as an end-to-end partner. As such, we are a one-stop destination for all solutions to the app-development needs related to your project.

  • On-time completion of projects: At Let’s Nurture, we believe time is money. So, we attach importance to the completion of projects within a given deadline. You can always bank on us for the timely completion after assigning us your project.

  • Support and maintenance: We stand by the side of our clients even after the launch of an application to keep it up-to-date and running as well as to upgrade it with new and useful features from time to time.


Based on our initial assessment, developing and deploying an app like this typically takes around 20-25 weeks.

These days, most messaging platforms have multimedia, voice calling, and video calling features. The other must-have features include location sharing, contact sharing, notifications, and real-time messaging.

You can monetize an app by including in-app purchase, in-app advertisement, and p2p payments. But knowing the target audience and carrying out thorough market research is a must to reap the benefits of adding these features.

Regardless of the monetization model you use to monetize your app, a lot depends on how often users would launch and use it. By using a visually pleasing design with user-friendliness, you can inspire users to use your app time and again. This will boost your earnings through the concept of monetization.

The most important aspect that we consider while developing such apps are:

Security: Since the information exchanged between users might include confidential data, the chat app needs to be designed with high-security systems to ensure the information is not compromised.

Preventing the data from being leaked to the public is the key motive and end-to-end encryption method would allow concerned users to access the information in a safe way.

Scalability: The chat app should be built in such a way that the data exchanged across the cloud can be supported by the device, which can scale up or down according to changing requirements.

Storage: A good database solution for the app, as it should be able to store all of the growing members' usernames and passwords as well as the information exchanged between them. For this, you need to choose a reliable provider of database solutions that will provide you with the perfect database that is intuitive and easy to use to react easily and quickly to all admin queries.

Annual Maintenance Contract services would range between USD 2,000 to 3,000.

Primarily, there are four monetisation techniques that are relevant to the anonymous chat app concept.

  • Subscription
  • Ads
  • Paid add-on features
  • Paid Featured posting for group messages
  • Custom Avatars
  • Referral bonus
  • Leaderboards for number of group conversations initiated
  • Option to create a public group or foraa, which anyone can join.
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