Why You Need TikTok for Marketing?

28 May. 21

When YouTube and Facebook began to dominate the internet in the mid-2010s, the way we do business changed. Gone were the days of large billboards downtown or lavish, exciting late-night commercials for small businesses to promote themselves. Instead, business owners soon found themselves skyrocketed into the world of digital marketing; a wild-west life frontier many were unfamiliar with. While businesses have shown a more comprehensive understanding of social media in recent years; the continuously changing landscape of digital marketing means that businesses need to pay attention to the next big thing; namely: TikTok.

Created from the ashes of the former app, Musical.ly; TikTok is a video-sharing app similar to Vine in that it promotes short, often a comedy or musical-oriented viral videos. But, there’s a growing trend of marketers, influencers, information sections, and a variety of other exciting, business-oriented topics on the platform as well. Because of this, many influencers have gone into partnerships with businesses to promote their brands on TikTok; and the results could be phenomenal. 

Influencers: Modern Advertising Executives and Why You Need Them


One of the most important topics when discussing using TikTok for business purposes is the role of the influencer in online marketing. Influencers usually have large followings on Social Media platforms such as TikTok, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. In fact, you probably follow a few of them without even really realizing it. Influencers make use of their social capital by entering agreements with businesses, often receiving free products or payments to create testimonials and ads for them on social media. This has proven highly effective for a variety of business sectors, such as lifestyle clothing brands, skincare, mascara; and a variety of other consumer goods. But how do you make an influencer partnership work? Make sure they are authentic people, presenting your product and themselves in a positive light. Moreover, you may want to provide some sort of writing prompt or script for the influencer you choose to work with in order to have a clear and concise message to send to your consumer. With proper coaching, most influencers will be able to spotlight your brand and hopefully; bring in some extra business as well.

Going Viral: Creating your Own TikTok Marketing


Let’s say for the sake of argument your business is brand new, and you don’t have the money to either hire influencers or send them free samples of your product. In this situation, many businesses have decided to become social media influencers themselves. Oftentimes, these self-made influencers will make brief TikToks introducing their product and its features. Maybe they’ll create viral videos using music or special effects. If the brand is specifically catered to a younger audience, it may use children or animals in product demonstration videos in order to receive more attention from its target audience of consumers. Whatever a business chooses to do, the use of hashtags on TikTok is critically important as well; often boosting views and social media engagement. But let’s say you don’t have the time to produce your own TikTok or social media content: What should you do then?

Montages: Smart Editing for Good Marketing


One type of ad which saw an increase in use during the year 2020 was the montage. A montage is simply the curation and presentation of a collection of media; typically videos, which are accompanied either by music and text on video or narration to explain the context and importance of the media being presented. Several brands used videos posted online during the COVID pandemic as a means of showing things will ‘return to normal,’ among other promises. This is no different from what several brands, including TikTok themselves; use for their commercials. Think of how often you’ve seen a commercial for allergy medication or antidepressants which present vignettes showing happy, healthy people safely using said medication. This is the idea of montage: the footage is given context by the advertiser. How does this work in the medium of social media? Well, several brands will scour hashtags searching for videos of happy consumers. Once enough has been found, the company will edit together a video montage package, and supply a context for whatever they are trying to sell to a consumer base. Businesses such as Nike, TikTok, and Fashion Nova have all used the montage method in order to promote their products.

These ideas are not exhaustive, and there are many other ways for both individuals and businesses to utilize these platforms for advertising. As time goes on and the size of these social media companies grows; it is likely it’ll become even more important for advertisers and businesses alike to master these platforms; or risk falling behind on the times.

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