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What's Included in Let's Nurture's Social Media Marketing Service?

Let's Nurtures tested social media process is simple: Analyze, Feedback, Fix, Repeat. We'll analyze the success of each post to see what's working and what isn't, then tweak your posts and social media strategy based on our data to produce better results for you and your business.

Competitor Analysis and Strategization

We'll analyze the market associated with your business, finding local competitors and similar businesses in neighboring areas in order to understand how they're reaching their audience and what content and styles of marketing they utilize to engage them. From this, we'll create a strategy your business can utilize for your own marketing.

Creating an Organic Social Media Campaign

One common mistake many businesses make is purchasing followers for their social media accounts in order to inflate their numbers and appear to be larger than they actually are. The unfortunate reality is while you may have several followers which makes your business appear more well known, its unlikely these followers will actually be interacting with your content; which renders your entire marketing campaign useless. This is why creating an organic social media campaign is so important, and Let's Nurture wills schedule consistent posts, monitor engagement, and create an organic community around your business.

Data-Driven Social Media Campaigns

By using a number of resources such as analytics, demographics, and other local data; we'll help create data driven social media campaigns customized for your target audience based on your brand. We'll also create copy, graphics, and other content for social media ads, split test your ad copy, and improve the overall performance of your social media advertising.

Social Campaign Tracking

First and foremost, we will track the overall reach of our produced content to see how far beyond your audience and followers it is being shared. We'll also optimize your overall engagement rates, your click through rates and lead generation, and the overall return on investment for your paid social media campaigns.

Social Reputation Managing & Monitoring:

We'll take into account your social media page reviews, feedback from customers and audience members, the overall sentiment & atmosphere surrounding your social media pages, as well as the engagement for advertising campaigns and brand mentions and discussion across other social media platforms.

Integrating your Social Efforts into your Website:

Our team of web developers will integrate social media widgets linking to your pages, as well as creating a social feed for your website, and the ability for users to share your sites content to Facebook or other social media sites such as Twitter, Pintrest, or Tumblr.

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Why should your business choose Let's Nurture?

Let's Nurture has been helping businesses develop technological solutions for more than twenty years. Our team of social media experts, advertisers, content writers, coders, developers, and designers are here to guide your business through projects and form business to business relationships that will lead to mutual success. We also offer 24/7 customer support for all our clients, and ongoing maintenance & support for our completed projects.

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