Why 2021 is the Best Time to Debut your Business?

28 May. 21

I think it would be an understatement to say that 2020 was a difficult year for everyone. Many businesses shuttered their doors, thousands lost loved ones to a pandemic, and more than 40 million Americans became unemployed and dependent on some form of state or government aid. Clearly, there is a huge problem with our economy that is likely to only get worse as both time and the pandemic rages on. The silver lining, however, is that with all the changes we’ve had to make with our lives; the world of business has changed as well, possibly for the better. Below, I’ll go over just some of the reasons why 2021 might be the perfect year for you to take the plunge and start your business.

The Work from Home Revolution


Perhaps one of the only good things to come out of the 2020 pandemic and the ensuing lockdown was the ability for the average worker to forgo the office and be able to work from home. Remote work and remote jobs exploded after commuting and regular commerce were made impossible, bringing everything online in a matter of weeks and months. So why is this good for your business? Hypothetical, let’s say you’re just starting out. Perhaps you’re crunching the numbers on what it will cost to rent an office or the overall cost and execution of your distribution plan. With remote work, you’ll be able to veto having to pay for office space, and on top of that, you save additional money by not having to supply gear and technology to each member of your team. Moreover, your employees will be much more comfortable working from their homes as opposed to an office where they may feel anxious or depressed. Working from home allows your business to cut major costs, giving you an early head start economically to get ahead in the game. 

The Speed of Commerce has Changed



Taking into account the explosion of business Amazon received in 2020, it’s clear to see that e-commerce changed because of the pandemic. With stores closed, we began to rely on curbside pickup, home delivery, and Amazon express shipping. Almost every single mail courier informed customers of extended wait times. But now that we’ve become used to this new world of quick and efficient e-commerce, it’s likely to become a mainstay for all businesses going forward. Remember earlier when I mentioned how working from home helps you cut business costs? The same can be said for this. Shipping out orders en-mass in a timely and efficient manner not only helps your business gain a good reputation, but bulk shipping is often cheaper and takes less air-fare time. Being able to deliver your product in a matter of three or fewer business days is just another way your business will have a leg up going forward.

A Less Competitive Market Awaits



While it is undoubtedly tragic that many people lost their businesses and livelihoods to circumstances they couldn’t control in 2020, 2021 means there will simply be a less competitive market for your business to thrive in. Many startups and new businesses that were going strong at the start of 2020 may now be floundering or completely shuttered. Thankfully, with 2021 still in its infancy; this means there’s plenty of opportune time for you to fine-tune your business and release it on a market that is primed and ready for you. Added to the fact that many communities and states are still in lockdown, you have a captive consumer base that will see you as a new, exciting company ready for any changes the world brings.

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