Five Digital Marketing tactics to make the most of 2022

11 Mar. 22

When it comes to social media, email marketing, and digital marketing in general; it’s important to follow some of the various trends which crop up in this ever-changing market. By adopting relevant business tactics, your business stays ahead of the curb and is more able to easily track the results of your marketing campaigns. Today, we’re going to discuss five simple things you can do to improve your marketing ability in 2022 and how to successfully implement them into your overall business structure.

1. Utilize Google Ads for Performance Max Campaigns


For many years, Google has been creating tools that make the lives of advertisers easier. Now, they can take full advantage of Google’s Performance Max Campaign. These campaigns take information and data provided by advertisers to automate targeting and delivery for various ads and campaigns, using platforms like YouTube, Gmail, Discover, and more. These campaigns are especially useful when used in combination with keyword-based campaigns, helping personalize your advertising. Moreover, Google’s Max Campaigns utilize machine learning to better predict advertising needs and styles. Since launching campaigns can often be a costly endeavor both in times of time and money, these Max Campaigns are a great way to reach customers without increasing revenue costs or sunk time.


2. Using Google Analytics


Google Analytics is another powerful tool from the search engine giant which many businesses have used in recent years to help marketers understand their user’s behavior and better tailor marketing based on the user-centered perspective. With Google Analytics, many changes are being introduced that make it a much more powerful tool and give advertisers the option for things such as extensive tracking based on page views, scrolls, clicks, and site searches; as well as multi-device tracking, easy app data collection, trend forecasting powered by machine learning, among other cutting edge features.


3. Add Automated Email Flows


When using automation for your messaging and marketing, it can be difficult for your marketing to remain personal and relevant to those receiving it. By utilizing automated communication flows, however, you can quickly send a series of complex and personalized messages to customers who subscribe to your flow list, make a purchase, or otherwise affiliate themselves with your business. By using flows in your email marketing strategy, you can increase lead conversions, boost sales, and in turn help to increase the revenue of your company through a more sophisticated form of email advertising.


4. Use Instagram’s Reel Feature


Instagram is a fantastic app for any modern business looking to advertise itself to potential new customers. This is because Instagram allows for the easy public sharing of photos, videos, captions, and longer information videos known as ‘reels.’ Reels are key to becoming viral on Instagram and achieving notoriety on the social networking site, so creating them to advertise your business is a good idea if you’re looking to raise engagement rates and follower counts. Plus, reels create organic reach; which is useful as it means customers are organically and directly engaging with your content; as opposed to an audience of bots or paid followers who may not eagerly interact with your posts as much. Additionally, you can use Instagram reels to tag products, advertise them, and utilize hashtags to capture different demographics active on the platform. 


5. Use A/B Testing to Improve Conversion Rates


Given the amount of data collected from businesses, it’s important to put this information to use in ways that can benefit your business. Optimizing your website according to customer data is pivotal, not something you want to leave to guesswork. This is what using A/B testing is important for discovering the shortcomings of your website and improving them immediately. A/B testing is done by presenting two versions of the same website to different visitors to establish what version of the website produces better engagement and overall results. By using A/B testing, you can better understand overall user behavior, the engagement rate for users on your website, optimization or ‘pain’ points, and the overall satisfaction your users have when utilizing your website.

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