The Importance of Hiring an SEO Consultant

28 May. 21

In the world of search engines such as Google or Bing; your website needs to be upfront and personal. Very rarely will your typical web-surfer venture beyond page 1 of Google, so you need to be certain your website is showing where it matters most. This is done through the use of SEO, or a Search Engine Optimizer. An SEO goes through the process of optimizing websites so that they rank higher in search results. The search engine crawls then aggregates these websites, ranking them higher if they follow particular SEO guidelines; which results in more ensuing traffic to the website itself. There are a number of reasons why a business or even an individual website owner may hire an SEO, but we’ve compiled a brief list of reasons as to why they have been so critical to the success of a number of businesses. 


The Saving of Time, Money, and Resources


Undoubtedly, one of the most important things for any beginner business is to learn where to appropriately cut costs and delegate labor. Hiring an SEO Consultant gives you the benefit of saving time, money, and resources. For one, they’ll typically already own standard SEO tools on their computer; saving your company money from having to purchase them. Moreover, you’ll reduce training times by not having to both teach yourself or your employees SEO skills (though it is a great training program for modern businesses!)

Producing Better Results


As stated earlier, most SEO Consultants are already well versed in their industry and also have the tools for the job. This means they can begin their work almost immediately, with plenty of information about the target audiences you’re seeking. One way they do this is through a process of ‘keyword research’. Essentially, this means the SEO Consultant takes the time to identify some of the most searched phrases and words of the time; then update the company website to better its search engine standings. Additionally, SEOs use a process known as link building; the process of linking websites through keywords and backlinking. This can be highly difficult, and many SEOs state it is one of the more difficult aspects of their job.

SEO Consultants Help to Prevent Blacklisting


Now, don’t panic; this doesn’t mean that without an SEO Consultant you’ll end up on a blacklist and lose all your traffic. Rather, SEOs follow strict rules and ethical guidelines like many other businesses. Hiring an SEO with unethical techniques can be dangerous, these include keyword stuffing, hiding text, and page high jacking. While this essentially guarantees shooting up in the results of search engines, it will also land your website on a blacklist and have it removed from search engines. It is best to ensure the SEO you are hiring to consult is well trained and versed in ethical techniques, using approved tools and methods. The consequences could be enough to permanently kill traffic to your website otherwise.

They’re Often Multi-skilled


While you’ll likely only be hiring an SEO to perform Search Engine duties, you’ll come to find your new hires are often multi-skilled freelancers with plenty of things to bring to your team. Many consultants are well versed in web page layout, design, and occasionally programming; as it helps them maximize the use of their pre-existing SEO techniques. It’s not unheard of for a business to hire a consultant, only for them to take on additional clerical, technical, or other duties for the company. Clearly, an SEO is a knowledgeable investment for any team looking to grow and expand; and may help save money in the long run by providing long-term employment with a variety of duties for a sole team member.

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