Understanding Google Analytics

02 Jun. 21

What exactly is analytics, and why should your business be using them? Analytics is the process of looking at and understanding who is visiting your website in which amounts, and from which demographics. While this sounds like something every business should be using, many websites do not take analytics into account or may not even use analytic software for this business. This can lead to possible loss of customer engagement by not fixing design flaws or coding issues; which will cost your company both customer engagement as well as giving you a bad reputation.

Analytics tell you vital information such as:

  1. How many people visit my website?
  2. Where do these visitors live?
  3. Should my website be mobile-friendly?
  4. Where is the traffic being sent from for my website?
  5. Which marketing tactics seem to work, and which don’t?
  6. How many visitors you’ve converted to customers?
  7. Where can the website be improved?

All of these things are at the heart of analytics, and they aren’t the only ones for which Google Analytics can provide you an answer. Before we can get to that, however, we need to discuss how you get Google Analytics installed for your website.



Before installing Google Analytics, you’ll need to start by creating an account. This can be done easily if you already use Google products, but if not you’ll need to create a new account. This account should only be accessed by you. While you can give others the ability to access your analytics; you should be the only one in control of them; this is important as someone with full access to your analytics may steal or use your data for their own purposes. After signing up, you’ll be asked to complete a form of information related to your website. While Google Analytics can allow you to manage up to 50 sites at any given time; it’s recommended that beginners start with managing just one website. Websites also cannot be moved from one Analytics account to another; they’ll need to be recreated.

Tracking Code Installation


After you’ve completed all the forms and set up required for the Analytics account; you’ll be asked to install a tracking code to your website. After agreeing to Google Analytics terms and conditions, you’ll receive this code from their website. The code must be programmed into each page of your site, and depending on which site creation method or app you used; this process can vary. Consult google for your site engine of choice to see how to install your tracking code.

Set up Site Search


One avenue which provides great analytic data is adding a search bar to your website. Quickly, you’ll receive large amounts of data based on customer queries and questions in your site search bar. This is incredibly beneficial to see which specific products are popular and which questions may be troubling your users the most. A site search bar can be installed on your website through the Google Analytics dashboard. Please consult Google for guides, as they vary depending on your website’s platform.

Begin Setting Goals


Once you’ve installed your Tracking Code, you’ll want to come up with a reason as to why you’re using Google Analytics in the first place. Maybe you want to lessen customer service issues or lessen wait times for product deliveries. Whatever it may be, you should be documenting your goals and updating them with accurate data from your site.

Viewing your Analytics Data


After you’ve completed the previous steps, you can begin to view and analyze your analytics data. With each login to Google Analytics, you’ll be brought to your Audience Overview Report; a collection of website traffic related to your business. This is just one of fifty types of data Google Analytics allows you to view.

While this list is nowhere close to exhaustive, it does give you a general idea of the things analytics can assist your business in accomplishing. There are hundreds if not thousands of net benefits through the use of analytics, and once you develop a fundamental understanding of how it works; your traffic and engagements will skyrocket.

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