Using Voice Assistants to Your Business Benefits

02 Jun. 21

Voice assistants are a relatively new technology. You’ve probably seen an Amazon Alexa or a Google Home device at a friend’s house; but did you know these pieces of tech can be highly lucrative for your business? Below are just a few reasons you can start using your voice assistant to maximize your productivity and get more done, faster than ever before.

Perfect for Communication

With the rate of advancing technology, many of our jobs have become increasingly remote in execution and global in scale. This means we need a way to cut through time zones and language barriers in order to effectively communicate with our peers. Voice assistants can help cut through language barriers by translating emails and texts and will be able to schedule the deliveries of communications depending on your companies needs.

Task Tracking

It’s easy to get distracted at work. A few moments pulled away from the task at hand, or a task list that isn’t organized properly can leave employees feeling in a bit of a stressed daze. However, voice assistants would be particularly useful at storing and reminding employees of tasks. They’ll likely feel less stressed if they just need to ask Alexa as opposed to consulting a possibly confusing list left by a manager.


There are a number of voice assistants on the market right now that can help you to store and analyze the analytics for your business. Cortana and Siri for example can be programmed with voice commands to build queries from your troves of data, or slicing data into different categories and departments. This allows for an easy visual representation of your analytics to be created and allows your business the opportunity to take full advantage of using them for the better.

HR & IT Support

No matter how well organized or run your business is; you’ll likely run into a problem at some point that’ll require either IT or HR support. You can preprogram your voice assistant with a multitude of data related to HR policies, IT expected fix times, and the dates of the arrival for new equipment in the office. The possibilities for streamlining these errors are limitless.

Set Reminders

Nobody’s memory is perfect, sometimes it’s simple to slip up and forget a task at hand or a goal you originally planned to meet. Preloading your voice assistant with a reminder for the day’s tasks can be pivotal to reaching your goals with efficiency. This can be done through almost any virtual assistant as well, so you don’t need to be using a specific brand or product to take advantage of this feature.

Your Data, Whenever you need it

It’s been a tense meeting. You and your coworkers have argued points back and forth, and it’s clear no side is ready to give. Thankfully, you can preprogram your voice assistant to help with defusing a difficult business situation like this. Using voice commands, you can use any data saved to your voice assistant at the drop of the hat to defuse arguments and help offer a new perspective to your colleagues.

An All-Access Knowledge Base

As your business continues over the years, you’ll likely experience changes to rules, policies, and other important business-relevant writings. The best way to keep on top of this is to update your voice assistant regularly with accurate, up-to-date information. Soon, you’ll build a knowledge base your entire company can use for the better.

With the technology still emerging, it will be interesting to see how AI and voice assistants truly help with increasing productivity and preventing human error and harm such as stress or burnout. The changing technologies of tomorrow serve to give a great benefit to the businesses of today, at least the ones smart enough to adopt them.

Our expertise in custom voice-based skills development and voice-enabled applications integration with existing web and mobile apps help organizations with increased work efficiency and productivity. We understand the needs of an enterprise and develop intelligent voice assistants that are a perfect fit to improve productivity and experience in meeting room availability, conference calls, work desks, and recreational areas. To get more ideas about the benefits your business can get with Voice Assistants, contact us.

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