On Demand Services Marketplace


WAY is a fantastic web and mobile solution on Android and iOS platforms which helps people to get All-in-One lifestyle services on the go by a single tap.

About WAY

WAY makes it easy to indulge in best entertainment experiences. All at a fraction of time and cost you’d pay anywhere else. Book a movie ticket or concert ticket, find a restaurant Or reserve a parking for your shopping and travel needs - It’s all at one place. Let your customer sit back and unwind. Let them not worry, with similar kind of solution.

On Demand Services Marketplace

WAY is a Silicon Valley based startup, a marketplace platform, providing on demand consumer lifestyle services. WAY app is a complete web and mobile solution developed by Let’s Nurture to provide a fast, convenient and seamless way to book lifestyle and entertainment activities and services on the go, near or far.

  • Provides real time services
  • Secure Payment Gateway
  • Live support Chat for instant interaction
  • Social media integration
  • Book lifestyle services for restaurant dining, parking, activities, movies and events
  • To increase the reach by deploying the referral code system

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