Hyperlocal Dating Platform


Why only Tinder? To come up with an answer to this question, we developed Bangin, a dating app, for our client. This dating app platform is developed in Web (Front End + Back End), Android and iOS that lets you Meet cute, hip & confident people near you.

About Bangin- A Dating App Platform to supercharge your dating game

With our expertise and experience in dating app development, our client and us thought about creating Bangin that can have the video profiles to boost one’s chances of getting more swipe rights. In this dating mobile application, users do not have to settle for static dated pics, but now they can highlight and animate their personality & passions; letting others know they’re real person and not a spammy catfisher.

Hyperlocal Dating Platform

Simply swipe on the profiles to indicate your interest and when you match, take the conversation in the the direction you’d like. No need for names, ages, profile details or multiples pictures that may slow you down. Bangin only shows you people within 40 kilometers of your location. This way you’re more likely to land up meeting & hanging out with them in person as well. Let us have a look at the features this dating app provides:

Interactive Features

Web Admin Features

  • Admin Dashboard
  • User Page
  • User Details Page
  • User’s Match Friend
  • Notification Page
  • Report Page


  • Landing Page
  • Setting Page
  • Card Screen
  • User Report
  • Page User
  • Match Page
  • Message Page
  • Chat Page

Font & Colors


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