Why Your Business Needs to use Instagram Stories?

08 Jun. 21

Advertising is changing, and so are the ways businesses are going about reaching their consumers. Gone are the days of simple billboards and word of mouth, social media is king and your business will need it to survive. Thankfully, these social media platforms come pre-loaded with the tools for your success; Instagram in particular. Instagram Stories are an effective way for your business to announce deals, sales, special events, and new products; as well as letting them interact with their consumers and receive feedback in a timeline manner. There’s a lot of reasons your team needs to be using Instagram Stories, so we compiled a few of the best below to get your Instagram game going and for you to start maximizing your base on the platform!

The Magic of Influencers

Many upstart businesses rarely have the money to do something like shooting a major network commercial or having a top-level celebrity testimony. Thankfully, Instagram allows easy access to a new generation of product advertisers in the form of influencers. Typically male or female in their mid-twenties, influencers possess a large social media following and are great to work with! Many brands pay them or give them free products in order to receive a share of their market in the form of an ad or a testimony. The results are great for both sides and have proven to be one of the most lucrative parts of social media marketing in recent years.

Real-Time Feedback for New Products

For any business, launching a new product or service can be a daunting or intimidating task. With Instagram stories, you can share new product announcements in a few simple steps and start getting the feedback you need to optimize it! Enabling messages is easy, and it’ll allow you to have an honest conversation with your consumer base to find out what they’re looking for from your brand. This builds trust and rapport, which is priceless for any business to have.

Get Rid of Old Inventory by Resharing Posts

Let’s say you run a bookstore, and you’re not doing well. You’ve posted your inventory and stock on Instagram, but you’re not getting much interaction. Resharing your older posts to your Instagram story can help spotlight items in your shop which you may not have sold previously. It gives new customers for your brand a chance to see what you have in stock and shows them the overall diversity of your products, and the best part is it takes less than 10 seconds. 

Making your Brand more Visible and Transparent

It’s important now more than ever for consumers to be able to trust the businesses they work with. Having a strong, accountable, and transparent social media presence can help customers feel more at ease doing business with your team. It’ll endear you to them as a friend and normal part of their feed and lead to their continued support. This could be done by asking for fan submissions, sharing memes or fan art of your brand, or other methods of crowdsourcing and consumer interaction. It’s important to remind your customer base that they’re the most important part of your business; without them, there is no success.

A Bump in Advertising

Instagram stories aren’t just limited to your page. In fact, every Instagram user has the ability to make, send, receive, and share stories. This can be incredibly lucrative for your business and can be beneficial for increasing visibility and interactions on the platform. Sharing ads on other stories, paying for your ads to appear on other stories, and having your fans or base share your stories are all great ways to get your advertising a bump and help you get more engagement and attention!

What are some of the benefits you’ve discovered for businesses on the Instagram platform? How do you use the important tools of stories and sharing to grow your brand? The more we focus on our social media literacy and use, the more successful our businesses will be.

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