Creating a Cohesive Instagram Feed

08 Jun. 21

One thing you may not realize is that it’s not enough for your Instagram page to post content, that content needs to be cohesive and look good as well. Creating Instagram feed is a process with many factors involved, but the overall result creates a much more eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing layout for your business or personal page. We’ve compiled a variety of tips to help you get your feed looking its best so that you can keep all eyes on you.

Use a Planning Software

One of the best ways for beginners to make their feed cohesive is to get the assistance of planning software. There’s a variety of apps and computer executables for this, with some of the best on the market currently being Later and Planoly. These apps allow you to post inside of a grid design optimized for cohesion and are free to use provided you make less than 30 posts a month.

Choosing a Style

One important factor in having a cohesive look is a consistent style. So what does your brand look like? How do you want that style expressed? These are all questions you’ll have to ask and answer when developing your feed. Try to pick one or two style types or themes and go with those; too many different styles on your feed can appear chaotic or haphazardly placed.

Think of the Content

Now that you’ve got your basic layout and style down, you’ve got to consider what the content you’ll be putting into the feed will be. There’s a variety of active, exciting subcultures on Instagram that your brand could cater to; so do your research! You should also consider what medium (photos, videos, the written word) that your feed will be. You can mix and match mediums, but most cohesive feeds typically stick to two at the most.

Remember the Layout

Maintaining a consistent layout for your page is also important. Consider what type of layout you’ll use for each specific medium for content on your page. It’s important to share things in a consistent manner for the grid layout, one to one ratios of different types of content usually working best. Of course, you can experiment with the layout; and it might pay off to make your page more unique and eye-catching!

The Importance of Color Theory

Color theory is the idea that colors must harmonize together in order to be aesthetically pleasing and eye-catching. This is particularly important for cohesive feeds. Choose colors that complement each other (bright yellows with bright greens, orange with blue, etc); this makes your feed more eye-popping for the consumer and gives your brand the appearance of being fun and vibrant and not just another business. 

Negative Space and Angling

When designing your feed, the angle of images should be taken into account. For example, if you have an image with an angle to the left, it is good to contrast it with a right-angled photograph. The same is true for negative space; you want to make sure the images in your feed have a similar amount of negative or ‘dead’ space in them to bring your main object into focus. Using negative space will enhance your feed by making it ‘pop’ more, your products will be more noticeable, and will likely attract more engagements.

Of course, there’s no perfect way for your Instagram feed to look. What may work for some brands, might not work for another. It’s important to experiment with your feed and to get to the heart of how you want it to look. Because if you don’t like the look of your brand, who else will?

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