Creekside RnR: A family-owned small business with a perfect blend of nature and luxury

25 Jun. 21

Welcome to Creekside RNR luxurious dome accommodation! This family-owned small business is all about helping people experience the peaceful surroundings and beautiful wildlife the creek has to offer.

We had a lovely chat with the co-founder of Creekside RNR luxurious dome accommodation, Angele Miller. Creekside RNR luxurious dome accommodation is a beautiful small business based in Cocagne, New Brunswick that began its journey in October 2020. They offer a perfect blend of privacy and luxury with beautiful wildlife and nature with peaceful surroundings, beaches, and other thousands of experiences this resort has to offer. To experience the perfect blend of nature, wildlife and luxury living visit

“Starting and building a business is like creating your own story and path in life. That story is never perfect and we all learn from our mistakes. To keep striving and learning is what life is about. If you have an idea go for it and reach out for the stars. As you fall down you learn, get back up and keep pushing to grow and evolve. You will be happy you did. We are happy we were able to strive and follow our dreams of building a place where people can come and relax, be in nature, and have a great time with friends and family as much as we enjoyed the place.” – Angele Miller

Friday, June 4th, 2021

Name: Angele Miller

Name of Business & Location: Creekside RnR luxurious dome accommodation, Cocagne, New Brunswick

LN: What inspired you to start your business?

Creekside RnR:  We opened our doors on October 1st, 2020. We were inspired to open Creekside Rnr because I grow up right around the corner here just on the other side of the creek and it’s an area that we absolutely love and we cherish and we have bought some land, possibly to do something here to continue four our family, for our little girl.

Being this is so peaceful and has so much wildlife and beautiful birds that come in the area, we wanted other people to experience what we absolutely love and hopefully fall in love with the place as much as we have.

LN: How were you able to handle the COVID situation? How was your business affected by it?

Creekside RnR: You know for us, we actually opened our doors in the middle of a pandemic, we actually started the construction right at the peak of the COVID. It has been very interesting because when we started the project, we were not too sure if we should continue with COVID happened because we had no idea what was going to happen and how that could actually affect our business in our project.

But we are very grateful that we have opened during COVID. I think it has given all New Brunswickers an opportunity to be able to travel local and take advantage of this occasion.

LN: How has technology played a role in your business?

Creekside RnR: You know technology has been at the core of our business. Our whole business operates on technology, our bookings are done online, we have managed to market and share the words about our business through social media. So technology has really impacted our business in a positive way and it has allowed us to be able to do what you are doing and spread the good words and communicate with people. Thanks to technology!

LN: What is the most valuable aspect of Creekside?

Creekside RnR: The most important value for us at Creekside is our customers. Our customers mean everything to us. We weren’t able to do what we are doing without our customers. To see our customers come here, enjoy, have a good time, share amazing memories here, celebrate anniversaries, birthdays, or even getting engaged at Creekside RnR is really at the core of everything at Creekside.

LN: Would you like to give any advice to aspiring entrepreneurs?

Creekside RnR: I would like to tell every young entrepreneur to never give up on your dreams, always believe in yourself and take a step forward, you never know, the worse that can happen is you will fall down, you get back up but you learn from every experience and so I would say go for it.

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