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Services We Offer

We offer a wide variety of services across various platforms to ensure your business has a reach to the maximum target audience across every platform whether Web, Mobile App, Social Media or high Search rank.

Website Development

Website Development options

  • CMS website: Website Start with $1000
  • eCommerce Websites: $1500
  • Catalogue/Portfolio Website $500
  • One Page Website $500

Mobile App Development

Mobile App development options

  • Catalogue Moible App
  • eCommerce Mobile App
  • Online Booking App For Business like Patient Booking, Plumbing , Cleaning
  • On-Demand Service Market Place like ( Uber, Airbnb, SkiptheDishes)

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Services offered by us

  • Search Engine Optimization: CAD 325 per month for 5 keywords
  • Social media Marketing : CAD 200 per month per social media account
  • PPC, Paid Advertisements: 10% of campaign cost as monthly management charges
  • App store optimization: Starting at CAD 310/month for 30 hours/month
  • Content marketing : 2 new content publishing + 50 backlinks/month @CAD 375/month

Hosting Services

Hosting Services offered by us

  • Annual subscription based shared cloud- Digital ocean- starting at CAD 25/month
  • Custom cloud set up: AWS, MS Azure , Google Cloud : Starting at CAD 25/month

Social Media Services

Social Media Services offered by us

  • Social Media Integration in Websites: CAD 50 per social media account
  • Social Media Integration in Mobile Apps : CAD 100 per social media account
  • Social Media Audit and Review : CAD 75 per social media account
  • SMO: Starting @ CAD 156 per account per month: 5-7 posts per month

CRM Integration

CRM Integration capabilities

  • SAP integration: Cost dependent on number of datapoints to be integrated
  • Salesforce Integration: SImple widget integration @ CAD 100
  • ZOHO integration : Simple widget integration @ CAD 100
  • Hubspot integration: Simple widget integration @ CAD 100
  • SugarCRM integration : Cost dependent on number of datapoints to be integrated

G Suite Integration

G Suite Integration

  • Google Workspace Setup One time Fee $100. $7 Per User Per Month.

Microsoft 365 degree Integration

Microsoft 365 degree Integration

  • 1 email ID set up @CAD 11/month
  • 6-10 email IDs setup @CAD 19/month
  • Setup & Maintenance : Starting at CAD 310/annum for a team of 10

SEO & SMM Audit

SEO & SMM Audit services

  • Overall SEO Audit of the website
  • Keyword ranking Suggestion
  • Content Improvement Suggestions
  • SEO plugins for the website
  • Social media Audit and Suggestion

Accounting Automation Services

Accounting Automation Services

  • Zoho Book Integration
  • Quickbooks Integration
  • Freshbook Integration

Marketing Automation Services

Marketing Automation Services

  • Email Marketing setup for the website : CAD 250 one time
  • Weekly, Monthly Email campaigns : CAD 150 per campaign per month
  • Automated emails to existing customers : CAD 175 per campaign per month
  • Notification emails to customers : CAD 175 per campaign per month
  • Pardot Integration
  • Mailerlite Integration
  • Mailchimp Integration

Brand Monitoring Services

Brand Monitoring Services

  • Reputation Management : CAD 125 per month
  • Online presence review and Statistics : CAD 125 per month
  • Online profile Repair: Case based cost quotation
  • Online profile Improvement : CAD 625/month for 5-8 posts per month
  • Online profile Protection: Case based cost quotation

Video production/promotion services

Video production/promotion services

  • Portfolio Videos : CAD 300 for animated 45 secs video)
  • Product videos : CAD 300 for animated 60 secs video)
  • Video content production: Included in above costs)
  • Company profile videos : CAD 300 for animated 45 secs video)

Chatbot Development Services

Chatbot Development Services

  • Chatbots integration in Websites. CAD 250
  • Chatbot integration in Mobile Apps CAD 250
  • Customised chatbots in Preferred language
  • Social media Chabots: CAD 250 per platform bot, with set of 10 Q&A

Add Ons

Alongside the basic services, we also offer complimentary and optional add ons that you can opt for, to get even better results for your business.

Complementary Addons

  • Free Stock photos : Upto 10
  • Free Document templates : Upto 5
  • 1000+ Web Design Templates: Select any 1
  • Free Support : Throughout the duration of contract(Covers bug support and syntax error correction only)
  • Free Listing on Business Listings: Any 3 based on your location

Optional Paid Add ons

  • Code backup services: CAD 62 per annum
  • Digital Assets backup services: CAD 85 per annum
  • Branding design: CAD 248: Logo+3 email templates+Signature+Letterhead
  • Merchandise design and manufacturing
  • Content Translation


Our Website update rates are $35/hr

Yes we have helped businesses to apply available grants.

Yes we have team of experts who can work on Wix , Square Space and Shopify Websites.

Efficient marketting catches eyes of your potential prospects and can give productive leads and sales. Afterall, your website can be the best digital storefront.

Post-launch of the website, you need to figure out if you need running maintenance on your site depending upon the size of your business. If you have a standard small business website with text and images, then you don’t necessarily need any maintenance, however if you have a portfolio-based business and want new photos uploaded to the site or have blogs written and published on a monthly basis, you can ask our website design team for prices based on monthly services.

Yes, you can opt for a plan that offers custom designs and share your ideas for inculcating them into the website.

Yes. Every page on your website is optimized for mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablets. We take care that all our pages are highly responsive to any device that you might use.

So no matter where your customers are, and no matter which brand of smartphone they own, they can easily find your restaurant, view your website, book a reservation and much more.

Yes, we can integrate your local payment gateways, if there APIs are available for it.

Yes we have so far build more than 100 eCommerce websites.

Yes we are registered HST business and we provie HST invoices for all our Canadian customer.

Yes, we do provide hosting services.

Yes, Yes we do provide support in French, Spanish, Portugese, Hindi and English.

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