Two Prairie Doods: The doggy duds that don’t disappoint

17 Jun. 21

Welcome to Two Prairie Doods! This small business is owned and designed by Teagan Graham, a full-time critical care nurse and dog mom with a passion for spoiling her doods. We got to learn how Graham has created a growing online brand in just a few short months.

Two Prairie Doods is based out of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan and has been delivering keychains, stickers, and handmade bandanas to dog parents since March, 2021. In this short time, Graham has designed a beautiful Instagram feed and successfully carried it over to the TPD website using Shopify. Graham encourages her customers to personalize their orders to give their pups’ apparel that special touch!

TPD isn’t just for your furry friends! Graham has designed matching scrunchies and face masks that can be bundled with any bandana. And if scrunchies aren’t your thing, she has collaborated with another small business, More Than Clay Co, to design handmade earrings to match with your pup’s favourite bandanas. All Two Prairie Doods products can be found on the website, .

“I always remind myself that every business is unique… every business has something special to offer the dog community and you just have to be proud of what you’re making and stick to your style.” – Teagan Graham

Thursday, May 27th, 2021
Name: Teagan Graham
Name of Business & Location: Two Prairie Doods, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan

LN: What motivated you to start a business?

TPD: Anyone who knows me knows that I am obsessed with my dogs. I have two Doodles, hence Two Prairie Doods, and I spoil them rotten all of the time. They have a million bandanas, lots of pet apparel, and all that.

I thought it would be kind of nice if I could make it myself and maybe bring in my own style. I didn’t really start until January 2021 and I just started practicing and I figured I needed a hobby during this pandemic anyway so that’s how I got the idea to start this business.

LN: Good for you! Wow, so you’re brand new.

TPD: Yes, I actually opened Two Prairie Doods only in March 2021 so it hasn’t been open long!

LN: What online programs do you use for Two Prairie Doods?

TPD: Most of my social media runs through Instagram. I’ve used TikTok to make the occasional video or Reel. I also use Facebook which has allowed me to link my Instagram shop so you can pin your items. For my website and means to sell I use Shopify.

LN: How did you go about finding your website domain?

TPD: I looked into the brands that we already supported for my dogs and most of them use Shopify. I liked a lot of their layouts and designs and just the flow of their websites.

LN: What is your favourite feature that’s offered with Shopify?

TPD: I really like the live view. Say I’m releasing my summer launch and I pretty much sit there all day and watch people coming on from different provinces or in the United States. I can see who’s active and how many people are coming on my website. It’s exciting to see who’s interested in your brand and how far you reach.

LN: Is there a downfall to any of the programs you use?

TPD: The downfall to Shopify is that it’s expensive.The themes that they offer are very basic so I rely a lot on different apps to create collages and graphic design to spruce up my website. So I’m spending money on my domain and also spending money on apps to help my website be more appealing.

LN: How do you like to communicate with your customers online?

TPD: I get most of my communication through Instagram messages as that’s where most people have found me through and it’s very easy to respond quickly.

LN: Although TPD is just a couple months old, has there been a surprise from running a business during a pandemic?

TPD: People are really putting small businesses first despite financial struggles. They’re being conscious of where they spend their money and putting money into your brand even though the pandemic has put a struggle on a lot of people. I can really appreciate that. I think people have also put more emphasis on supporting Canadian brands.

LN: Do you have any advice for small business owners who also work full time?

TPD: You need to make time for yourself and it’s not always easy. I find I am always having to do something. Good creativity doesn’t happen overnight but I know my customers understand. It’s very possible to juggle both but you need to make that time for yourself.

LN: How did your Prairie Pups program come to be?

TPD: The Prairie Pups program is a bunch of great dogs of all breeds and sizes who applied to my ambassador program. I hosted this as a sort of kick-off to Prairie Doods. They are willing to represent your brand, take pictures in your pet apparel, share their ambassador codes so their followers get discounts at our shop and in return they get discount incentives. I’ve made it so every seven times their code is used they receive a free bandana. We have a small Instagram group chat and they help me come up with ideas, collaborations, and designs. They also participate in giveaways so I’ll send them Two Prairie Doods apparel to host on their own platform. I then post their photos wearing my designs so it also promotes people back to their page.

LN: What have you learned from being a part of the #dogmom community?

TPD: I’ve learned that you can be easily influenced. I follow a lot of other dog brands that we still shop from and it can influence how you compare yourself. I always remind myself that every business is unique. Every business has something special to offer the dog community and you just have to be proud of what you’re making and stick to your style. It is also super important to communicate with your followers and the community that supports you because what you’re making is for them. You can support someone else but still be in your own lane, maintain your own style and be proud of what you’ve made. That’s a great attitude to have.

LN: What is the next step for Two Prairie Doods?

TPD: I really want to make clothing for humans. I’d like to start with vinyl because I have expanded on how I make my designs so I can be more creative that way. I do however have a dual sewing machine so I can do embroidering as well. Maybe crew necks or hoodies for the fall!

I only taught myself how to sew in January with my mom’s rickety sewing machine which did not pan out. I ended up going to the sewing store and getting a four hour crash course and she was so nice!

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