Why you Should Use IGTV?

08 Jun. 21

Creating viral content for a brand or business is a great way to get noticed online. Viral marketing is a growing trend over the years, with a number of companies, films, video games, and a variety of other entertainment-based industries using this form of marketing to its full advantage. IGTV simplifies the capability of sharing your videos online by letting you release them through their Instagram platform. IGTV appears both in the Instagram feed as well as the IGTV section of the app; giving businesses great opportunities to broadcast their content and pull in new engagements and consumers. 

Exclusive Content Builds your Audience

One of the most important things for any brand is exclusivity. Think about it, Playstation doesn’t just sell consoles because they’re a good product; they’ve also got their own exclusive game series’ that bring in fans and consumers alike. This should be the first goal of using IGTV for your business, interacting with fans to bring them exclusive content that’ll bond them to your brand and bring in new consumers. Perhaps you’ll have a podcast or web series, or maybe you’ll host regular Q&A sessions for your brand. Whatever the choice, IGTV is the best place to build exclusivity on the platform.

Showcase Product Features and Tutorials

One way to get the word out about products is by creating demonstration videos and tutorials. These can be used for everything from providing basic FAQs about the product, explaining warranty guidelines and policies, or showing off specific features that make your product special. This also helps customers who buy your product to use it safely, lessening the amount of customer service your team will need to provide in the event a product is used wrong or malfunctions.

Developing a Brand Community

Everyone likes to feel as if they belong. One of the best ways you can make people feel welcomed with shopping for your brand is by building a safe, inclusive community for your company and your products. Brand reputation is important, and mismanagement of this critical asset can doom a business forever. Use your IGTV programming to create a community of fans that promotes positivity and accountability. Maybe you’ll start a weekly show that’ll help viewers to relax, or provide them with regular information on critical topics in their lives. Whatever you choose to do, it can be your companies opportunity to do more than making money; by being a leader in positive change.

The Importance of Building ‘Social Proof’

As stated earlier, it is critical for a brand to have a good reputation with its customers where accountability and positive interactions are at the forefront. This is true of both all successful businesses and all successful people. Try to use your platform and IGTV to highlight positive customer interactions, share photos of your customers’ mail days to build excitement around your products, and perform customer engagement such as free samples. This all builds proof that your brand is sociable, responsible, and values its customers; which is a component for success in the business world.

In Times of Crisis, a Good Video can Save You

Let’s say for a second that your new product launch has been disastrous. It was no fault of your own, but a manufacturing mistake has several customers angry and demanding refunds. This is one of the best times IGTV can be used by a brand or business. It’s important to make a video where the company at once assumes accountability for the issue, followed by clear, concise instructions for customers looking for a refund or for assistance. Using IGTV for this purpose will ease the tensions of the bad launch and help to streamline the customer service process to avoid further delays and possible further anger. Using social media isn’t just important for building a customer base, it may save your company or brand in a time of crisis.

With all these reasons, and those not even mentioned; it’s clear that IGTV is a valuable part of the Instagram platform. Its long-form format allows you to provide clear and concise instructions, tutorials, and interesting programming for your community. It just might change the face of your business for the better!

To know more benefits of IGTV on the Instagram platform and how it helps in building community, you can directly contact our expert professionals in Digital Marketing Services.

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