Why your Small Business needs a Blog

07 Jul. 21

Your business often needs more than just a website to be successful in the long term. Many businesses now use platforms such as Twitter or Instagram to promote themselves as well as their products. But if you or your team isn’t inclined to using social media, you aren’t entirely out of luck. Blogs and blog posting are still one of the best ways to have your company be noticed on the internet. Many large businesses use both marketing campaigns as well as their blogs to generate hype and resources for their businesses. Company blogs can make your business and plans shine above all else. We’ve compiled here a list of reasons as to why your small business needs a blog to reach its maximum potential.

It Keeps Your Audience in the Loop

A company blog is a fantastic tool to keep your customers in the know about whats happening with your business. While websites can be more practical in content and tone, a blog lets you be more flexible with the content you create and in sharing updates. It lets you show who your company is, and not strictly what you do. Your blog is a direct communication channel, where you can talk in depth about your products and services in a timely manner. It’ll allow your brand personality to shine through in ways not possible with just a website.

A Blog Generates Traffic

Another important use of a company blog is how it can generate traffic for your website. It increases the overall visibility for your organization, and gives you more opportunities for your business or blog to appear in relevant search engine results. Additionally, blogs can help strengthen your website or businesses SEO ranking, by converting leads to your freshly created articles and content using keywords and trends.

Faster Customer Feedback

While websites are a great way to gauge and garner reaction to your services, a blog can provide even more instantaneous results in terms of business performance. Blogs often have commenting features; which create a two-way conversation between customers, leads, industry peers, and your business. Being reliable and respectful on your blog will make customers feel more inclined to communicate their issues with you and your business; increasing resolutions and build a solid brand reputation of trustworthiness. 

Building a Customer Database

Additionally, the use of a company blog helps with developing your email marketing strategy. While it may not be easy to get customers to sign up, a blog or newsletter can encourage customers to share their email with you for business purposes. This allows you to consistently communicate with your demographic and share valuable information in a timely manner as well. If customers see your blog content as informative, relevant and engaging; they’ll be more likely to sign up for your company newsletters or subscription services; which in turn boosts your site engagements and interactions. 

Blog Articles are More Popular on Social Media

Even though social media platforms allow for businesses or individuals to post content on their sites freely; blog content and articles are still highly popular on these services as well. Customers and consumers are always sharing content on Twitter, Facebook, and other channels when they find it interesting. This helps to expose your blog and company not just to your existing fan base and demographic, but to new consumers as well. Blog content can also help fuel social media output, by allowing you to recycle or reuse older content to bring in new visitors. 

Allows you to Elaborate

If your website only has a 250-word blurb about a specific product or service, your customers may not be getting all the information they need to make a final business decision in relation to your product. Blogs allow you to write in depth explanations about what your products are, and what they do. You can also write things such as how to guides, trouble shooting, and other technical services for your blog. The more your company is able to produce this type of content, the more like it is you’ll have less customer service issues or have more competent employees who can assist customers in reaching a first call resolution. 

Improves your Internal Linking

Internal linking is linking to other blog posts or pages on your websites or social media pages. This can lead to an improved SEO ranking and increased ability for your customers to easily navigate your pages. In return; it also leads to increased traffic to sections of your site that may otherwise go ignored. Consider looking into internal linking to grow your site and blog as you update them with new content.

Whatever the case for your company creating a blog, its clear that there are net benefits and positives to having one for your Small business.  It allows the real time connection with consumers, as well as the easy sharing of information which helps take a company to the next level of customer service and imthe proves performance of digital marketing campaign.


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