Gaining Exposure on Instagram: A Brief Guide

07 Jul. 21

Instagram is one of the most important social media sites of our time. Everyone from the common Joe to the biggest industries are using it for any number of reasons. It helps you reach an engaged audience, grow conversations, and drive traffic to other sites or profiles you have online.

But it can be difficult to get noticed on a platform with over a billion users. That’s why we’ve taken the time to compile a few strategies that’ll help you sharpen that follower count naturally and organically. The bigger the audience, the more opportunities you and your team will have.

You might’ve noticed we mentioned “organic and natural” followers. This means your audience finds you, as opposed to paying for likes or followers for your business which some resort to. Buying followers, however, can damage your reputation and even worse; it can affect your position in the Instagram algorithm which allows your audience to see what you share. Plus, if your only followers are bots or paid people, they’re not going to be visiting your site, purchasing your products, or advocating for your business to their family and friends. Using the tips below will help you to get a head start on creating a natural Instagram community that’ll boost business and profits!

Optimizing your Instagram

Before you begin your journey of acquiring followers, you should first optimize your Instagram profile page. Without bios, image captions, an appropriate user name, or even a profile image; your customers won’t even recognize the profile as you! You need to use these profile features as a method of building your brand identity. Moreover, its important to use the link section of your page to either host your website or a list of links related to your business. There are also several free Instagram marketing strategy guides online you’d be able to consult, which will give you a better idea on how this page should be set up.

Post Content on a Consistent Basis

One thing you might notice about more successful Instagram pages is that they don’t post at random. Its important for your page to have a regular posting schedule. You want to avoid spam, meaning you don’t want to post multiple times a day unless its at specific peak times on the instagram app. For example, it makes no sense to publish posts at 3 AM, but publishing at 1 PM might help you catch app users on their lunch break and get them to engage with your content. There are resources online to help you determine the best time to post. Sticking to a schedule makes your profile consistent and trustworthy, and will keep you engaged with your followers as opposed to them missing your important posts!

Scheduling Posts in Advance

One great app you can use to help optimize your content posting is Sprout Social. This app allows you to schedule posts for your Instagram account at specific dates and times in the future. This allows your entire marketing team to see your campaigns, schedules, and product launches on a more efficient basis. Building your content in advance helps save your business time and money, and allows you to focus on innovating your newest ideas and services.

Get Partners and Brand Advocates

Knowing the value of your followers is just as important as gaining them. One of the best ways to get people to follow your account is to be present on not just your own account, but others’ as well. Try sponsoring things such as user-generated content, viral video contests, or even product giveaways. These can get your brand featured on feeds that you might not previously access in your primary audience. You can also hire influencers or send free products out for reviews by these influencers, who will post about you in exchange for currency or free items. 

Make it Relevant

You shouldn’t just be posting what you think is good for your business. You need to take into account the content your followers are drawn to, and what they interact with the most. Whether it’s your filters, captions, content types, or even the times you post at; the variety of different factors can make all the difference for your Instagram account’s success. One way to optimize this is to learn the new Instagram trends as they approach so you’re posting popular content, or you can use Instagram’s analytic tools in order to see what posts or content is performing the best. Whatever the case, you need to pick the brain of your users and specify your content for them.

Hashtags are your Friend

While some of us might negatively associate hashtags with things like Twitter or obsessive selfie spammers, they’re also a highly lucrative way for your brand to appear in people’s feeds. Thousands of Instagram users follow specific hashtags so they can have their feeds optimized to their interests. You should take advantage of this by using hashtags for your own specific business niche. 

There are a variety of other programs, tips, and strategies you can use to get your footing in the world of Instagram. The most important thing to remember is you need natural followers, not bots who bump up your follower count but leave your posts high and dry.

If you want to share your own ideas and thoughts on gaining exposure on Instagram that can help in boosting-up the small-scale business, contact us or mail at

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