How to make your Business go viral on Tik-Tok?

08 Jul. 21

Of all of the recent social media sites and trends, one of the most popular right now is TikTok. The video-sharing app has over 30 million users in America alone and is growing everyday, and for good reason. Tik-Tok allows for the easy sharing of viral video content from both individuals and businesses or groups as well. Because of this large, and somewhat untapped market; its pivotal for your team to take advantage of this social media site for the benefit of your business. We’ve compiled a list of tips of how to optimize your content for the Tik-Tok platform and help your brand go viral!

How Tik-Tok works?

Similar to most social media websites or platforms, Tik-Tok functions primarily using what’s known as an ‘algorithm’. While there isn’t exactly a full guide available to all the different facets and factors of the algorithm, most social media practitioners and guidelines have a general idea of how it works. Compiled is a list of tips that’ll help you make the most of the Tik-Toks algorithm! 

Using Relevant or Trending Hashtags

Hashtags are a common feature for almost any social media app. They allow users to search for or organize content by specific words, phrases, or niche terms that broader search engines may ignore. Tik-Tok is no different, and hashtags are incredibly important to working the algorithm in your favour. Thankfully, Tik-Tok makes this easy for people looking to capitalize on market or social media trends; as their search function shows you which hashtags are trending and how many views each particular hashtag has. Using these hashtags in the description for your videos can raise video views and engagements in a relatively short time!

Using Trending Songs or Music

As Tik-Tok is a primarily music based app, using songs that are trendy or popular at the time is another great way to boost video views and user interaction. While Tik-Tok doesn’t exactly list the most popular tracks for their user base, taking a quick scroll through your feed should give you a general idea of what people are listening to at any given time. Be sure to find and favourite videos so you can compile a list of popular tracks or go back and review the audio later for further ideas down the line.

Use your Brand to Participate in Challenges

One popular trend on Tik-Tok is Tik-Tok challenges. These are fun ways for people to recreate trending videos or topics by completing specific video oriented challenges. Often, these will be specific actions or dances set to certain songs; but they can cover a wide spectrum of ideas. Try using your companies account to participate in challenges; which can help raise your spot in a particularly hashtag or the overall app algorithm. 

Post in the Evening

Given that much of Tik-Toks userbase is made up of a younger audience, they may not be browsing the app as regularly in the daytime as some other users. Because of this, its recommended your page posts your contents in the afternoon or later in the evening. It’ll be more likely to be seen and engaged with at these hours; and these are the peak activity hours for users of the app itself; with Tik-Tok users reportedly spending up to 52 minutes per evening on the app. That’s a lot of time for them to view and share your content!

Post Consistently, but don’t Spam

The more you create on Tik-Tok, the more likely you’ll end up being noticed and increase your chances of going viral. While it can be hard to predict the content that’ll get the most views on your channel, its sometimes the videos you least expect that end up being the most popular. While its recommended to be consistent and post multiple times a week, you should be mindful not to spam your page with videos; as this can lower your position in the algorithm or even annoy your followers. 

Use your Location

Another useful feature of Tik-Tok is how location plays into the algorithm. Using your own specific location such as city or country allows for users in your general area to be exposed to your content on a more frequent basis. This is great for smaller or local businesses who are looking to attract more customers in their general area.

Don’t Delete Posts

One thing recommended by most viral Tik-Tok starts it to not delete your post. The reason being is that not only can it affect your position in the overall algorithm, but may lead to your account getting “shadow banned.” This means while you can still use the app, your followers are less likely to see your content. Keep your old content on your page, as it’ll help maintain your follower count and overall exposure in the algorithm.

While these tips will help boost your content on the Tik-Tok platform, it isn’t exhaustive. We recommend consulting a variety of different guides on the topic to ensure you’re receiving as much exposure as possible for your business on the app. What’re some Tik-Tok tips you have you can share below?

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