Why You Need a Chatbot for Your Site

02 Jun. 21

The internet has brought us into an age of almost instant convenience. Have a problem? Call customer service, send an email, reach out and you’ll be heard. But what happens to businesses that don’t have these services in place? And what happens when your team needs to sleep? Few businesses appreciate the value of the chatbot for their website, but they’re exactly what you’ll need to fix this issue. A chatbot is a simple, programmed AI designed to help field open questions and answers. They interact with customers to assist with minor issues and direct them where to go if it’s beyond their ability.  Below, we’ve compiled some interesting facts and abilities of this still young technology.

Quick Solutions

Let’s face it: almost all of us dislike waiting. When it’s related to a product we’ve purchased or an issue we’re having, the stress and anxiety of the situation can be made even worse by having to wait for an answer. This can lead to upset, and unimpressed customers who may take their frustrations out on the first person who picks up the phone. But according to Hubspot Research; a chatbot can supply an answer to customers that satisfies them with an 82% success rate! This can be major for any business which may be experiencing issues with production and needs to handle a high number of customer engagements at one time and is just one of the many benefits of your site maintaining a chatbot. 

Easier and Smoother Data Collection

For any consumer, the idea of filling out a form is a type of bureaucratic nightmare they rarely want to deal with.  With Chatbots, you cut down the level of forms your customer will need to fill out and collect data in a much easier, smoother way. Programming your bot to ask specific, open-ended, and data-oriented questions makes your customer feel as though they’re talking to someone, not filling out another gray, anonymous form they’ll never see again. From this conversation, your business can harvest customer data and use it to optimize your chatbot’s data-collecting abilities.

Customers Prefer Chatbots

With instant messaging, texting, and the wide variety of social media that allows you to send Dms; by and large email might become a thing of the past. That’s why chatbots are perfect for your website, and for providing customer support. Instead of making your customer go through the effort of writing a long-winded email to your support team; they can have the majority of their issues fielded by a competent chatbot who can assist them.

It Can Increase your Customer Engagements

One way to pump up the engagement numbers for your website is to use a chatbot. A bot that is programmed not only to assist customers but also to inform them of things such as sales or special events for your business can sign up your engagement numbers. Think about it – not everyone who visits your site is going to buy something; but if they’re speaking with your chatbot and being informed of the fresh deals your business is offering, you’re much more likely to make a sale with that client. Chatbots could also be used to supply discount codes to customers who visit your site, giving them added incentive to do business with you.

As you can see, there’s a variety of benefits to having a chatbot at your business. While this list isn’t exhaustive, there’s plenty to consider for your business. While the initial challenge of setting one of these bots up can be tedious, it’ll pay off in the end for the added benefits it delivers to your business, as well as your customers.

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