When is it the Right Time for your Business to Develop an App?

03 May. 21

Operating a business looks much different now than 20 years ago. Business as a whole has become much more digital. Most companies rely on some form of technology to aid in day-to-day operations. These technologies can include websites, social media, software programs, and apps. Businesses of all sizes are investing in apps to keep up with the digitalization of the world.

As apps become more popular, companies are recognizing the perks. By having an app for your company, you can increase customer loyalty, add value, offer a new communication channel, and enhance customer experience. Building an app can be a big project. There are many considerations to account for, so how do you know when it’s a suitable time? 

Here are some recommendations to help you decide when the timing is right to develop an app.

How compatible is your business with an app?

Some businesses are going to be more suitable for an app than others. E-Commerce stores, retail stores, information centers, restaurants, and businesses that require scheduling or appointment bookings are all company types that are certainly fit for an app. However, if your business is not conventionally for an app, but there is a way for an app to provide added value to your customers, it will surely profit your business.

What does your customer base look like?

Your regular customers are going to be the ones who are sure to download your app, so understanding how large your loyal customer base is will help determine potential active app users. Understanding your customer’s connection to your brand will help you grasp the success of your app. Additionally, an app will help you gain loyalty among inconsistent customers.

What are the financial impacts of an app?

When looking to develop an app, one of the main concerns is the cost. Apps can be costly to create, but they can also help your business bring in a larger profit through an enhanced customer experience. An app can also help save money. For example, an app that enables customers to schedule appointments through the app may save time regarding administrative, secretarial duties. So while the cost to develop and maintain the app is important, it is equally critical to consider the potential money saved from an app.

The future of your business

What are your short and long-term goals for your business? And how does an app fit into these goals? Developing an app can be a big and exciting project that will require some attention. If it is a busy season for your business with multiple things going on, you may be better off waiting until things clear up a little more before engaging in your app development.

The value that you want to provide with your app

Get clear on what value you will provide to the users through your app. You want to deliver a high-quality app that impresses your customers. The value you provide to your users through an app will essentially determine the success of your app overall. If your users do not feel like the app provides them with any worth, they probably won’t use it. When you are clear with exactly the value and benefits that the app will give your customers, you can be sure that an app is a right step for your business.


It is becoming more and more common for businesses of all sizes to be developing apps. Ultimately, a well-developed app with value is going to benefit any business. The right time for mobile App development will differ from company to business and depend mainly on external and internal factors specific to that business.

If an app is the next step for your business, contact Let’s Nurture at enquiry@letsnurture.ca  or (902) 620 9098 to get started!

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