What is Stripe? It’s Features, API integration

30 Jun. 22

When running a business, particularly one which does the majority of its sales online or through the internet; having a payment processing gateway and secure system in place is of optimum importance for not only making sure you’re paid properly, but that your customers and their information are safely and securely processed through your system. Stripe is a suite of various application program interfaces which allow you to process payment and commerce solutions from businesses of any size, as well as clients you service. If this sounds useful to your business, then read on! Today, we’ll be discussing Stripe’s features, its pricing layout, and its API integrations that make doing business easier.


Stripe Payment Gateway Features



Given the importance that programs such as Stripe work without fault, or at the very least offer the best service possible; there are a number of features you should consider such as:


  • Simple payment authorization.
  • Dispute and fraud handling.
  • Financial reports & analysis.
  • The ability to review & send invoices.
  • Open source plugin management and integration.
  • Payment options for your customers.
  • Mobile optimization for customers.
  • Simple account and data integration.
  • Report consolidation and record keeping.


Of course, this isn’t the limit to what Stripe can do. There are many more benefits and features we could mention, but we simply don’t have the space to do so. Next, let’s discuss Stripe, it’s Payment Gateway Integration, and how you can make this work for your business.


Stripe Pricing



Stripe offers pricing in two different forms: an integrated plan which gives you their complete platform at pay-as-you-go pricing. (Currently, the rate is 2.9% commission per charge plus 30 cents.) Alternatively, Stripe offers customized payment plans for large-scale businesses with high-value transactions. For more information on customized Stripe pricing; you’ll need to contact their sales team directly for more information.


Stripe’s API Integration



Application Programmable Interfaces or APIs are how two different applications communicate with each other in order to complete a specific task. Stripe has perfected their APIs, making them some of the most powerful and easy-to-use applications in the world. They offer pre-built integrations for platforms such as Shopify e-Commerce store development, WooComerce, and NetSuite; as well as tools for developers working in PHP, React .NET, and Python. 



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