What is Chargebee? API Integration & Features

30 Jun. 22

One issue many businesses may experience is the management of subscriptions and their billings, and the revenue management which comes as a result. If you’re looking to properly stay on top of things at your business without having to employ various staff members to manage the task manually. Thankfully, there are a number of programs and software which assist with this often meticulous process; and Chargebee is one of the best! In order to explain this, we’ll be covering Chargebee’s features, pricing, the API Integration that allows it to function, and more! Let’s begin.

Chargebee Payment Gateway Features



Chargebee comes preloaded with features for both subscription management and recurring billing. Chargebee helps SaaS companies to set up and manage their recurring payments. The features for subscriptions include:


  • Subscription Lifecycle Management.
  • Product Catalog Management.
  • Automated subscription add-ons.
  • Trial MAnagement.
  • Email Notification Segmentation.
  • Contract Term Management.
  • Backdated subscription Services.
  • Discounts & Coupons
  • Gift Subscriptions


In addition to these features, we must also consider the recurring billing features that Chargebee offers:

  • Customizable Billing Cycles.
  • Recurring Invoices & advanced invoices.
  • Pre-Payment Options.
  • Chargeback Management.
  • Metered billing.
  • Prorated Payments.
  • Consolidated Invoices.
  • Unbilled Charges


Chargebee Pricing


Chargebee Pricing


With the various features from above taken into account, it is now time to explore Chargebee’s pricing. For those looking to use Chargebee as a beginner, their Launch package costs $0 monthly until your business earns its first $130,000 in revenue. After this, there are three pricing packages available: Rise, which costs $329 monthly and includes a $720,000 yearly revenue with 0.6% overage revenue. Next is Scale, which costs $599 monthly and is designed for businesses looking to quickly grow their business. Scale includes a $1,560,000 revenue inclusion, as well as 0.75% overage revenue. For their Enterprise pricing and package, prospective clients will need to contact the Chargebee team directly for pricing quotes and requirements.

Chargebee API Integration



An API or Application Programmable Interface is what allows two separate programs to interact with each other and accomplish a specific task. Chargebee utilizes an HTTP-Based API, which allows third parties to send and receive information in order to complete specific tasks through the Chargebee API. Additionally, Chargebee can be used with several coding languages such as PHP, Ruby, Python, Java, Node, Go, and more.

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