Braintree Features, Pricing & its API Integrations

30 Jun. 22

If you’re just starting your business, one thing you may struggle with early on is receiving payments from clients securely and on time. This isn’t always the simplest thing to do, especially when it becomes a responsibility of an employee whose record-keeping abilities might not always be accurate. Thankfully, there are a number of programs, plugins, and software available that make payment gateways simple for transactions of all sizes without the need for having to pay subscription fees. With custom payment plugins, Braintree is capable of anything! Today, we’ll discuss Braintree’s features, pricing, and the API the software uses to safely make your transactions.


Braintree Payment Gateway Features



Braintree comes preloaded with a number of features to help your business stay on top of payments. These features include: 


  • Card-based and additional payment methods.
  • Payment infrastructure building with developer tools.
  • A wide variety of interfaces to choose from and customize your experience.
  • Fraud protection and threat monitoring.
  • Data Security and encryption.
  • Account updater and recurring billing for repeat clients.


Braintree Pricing



Braintree understands the importance of pricing their service affordability in order to allow businesses and entrepreneurs of any size to use their business. Braintree’s standard pricing is 2.9% commission plus thirty cents per transaction. Other than this, they offer no minimums, no monthly or hidden fees, and no subscription costs. For businesses looking to use custom pricing for their membership, you can contact Braintree’s sales team directly at 1-877-511-5036.

Braintree’s API Integration



Braintree uses an in-house built API (application programming interface) to help power the security and speed of their payment gateway. Braintree uses GraphQL, which helps outside and third-party pieces of software more easily integrate into the Braintree system. You can make API calls for payment, information, and data which keeps things secure when transferring information between apps.

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