Using QR Codes to Enhance your Restaurant

25 Aug. 21

You might not think about it, but the restaurant industry can always improve itself by adapting better technology. Its easy to forget the roll that tech has in our food and the way we consume it. QR Codes, or quick response codes can be implemented into your company with little to no cost, fairly easily, and with noticeable results not just in revenue but the overall quality of the food itself. We’ve compiled a list of tips and ways you and your team can start using QR codes to ensure freshness, quality, and satisfied customers.

Do Away with Physical Menus

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, hands free and hands off service have become a preference for many customers. One function of QR Codes is the easy storage of information and data, including things such as videos, images, and documents. Consider putting your restaurants menu into a PDF or word file, and offer a QR Code at the entrance for customers to scan and choose from. Not only does this reduce the number of contact with customers, it also cuts down on costs as you won’t need to reprint new menus in the event of changes or errors; you can simply edit your QR Code to represent the new information.

Track the Freshness of your Ingredients

Making sure you’re providing your customers with high quality, safe to eat food starts with having fresh ingredients. QR Codes can be used for inventory status, tracking, and management. Preloading your QR Codes with the relevant shipping and sell by dates for your ingredients also helps prevent them from spoiling; which can become a huge sector of loss for any restaurant who isn’t able to get a handle on it. Additionally, poor ingredients run the risk of causing things like food poisoning which can be a detriment to your restaurants reputation.

Utilize QR Codes for Reservations

Instead of manning the phone lines at all hours of the day and using a pen and paper system to track the reservations of your customers, its time to simplify and automate the process by using QR Codes. Try placing a QR Code at your front entrance; once scanned, your customers will be asked to enter their information in order to book a reservation with your restaurant. This information is then stored on a server where the information is readily accessible for your employees. Not only does this streamline the process of reservations, it digitizes the record keeping associated with it which makes record keeping much simpler going forward.

Share Takeout and Delivery Options through your Codes

If you’re looking to boost your delivery and takeout numbers, consider posting a QR Code that hotlinks to your delivery page on your site. It’s best if you place this code in the entraceway or window of your restaurant; as it’ll encourage those driving by to scan your code and see what is on the menu for takeout!

Solicit Reviews and Feedback

Reviews and feedback are critical for restaurants, as they allow you to fine tune both your menu items and service in order to create the best meals possible and provide a great atmosphere. Even negative reviews can become a gold mine for your company, assuming you address the criticisms levelled against your restaurant and seek to address and fix them. Consider attaching a QR Code to receipts and ask guests to leave reviews of their experience. You can also incentive them by offering things such as a free dessert or a coupon for their feedback.

Promote your Social Media Channels

Social media is a great way for any business to create their own brand identity and to have a voice on platforms. Consider adding QR codes to advertisements for your restaurant or on promotional posters which will link to your social networks. Not only does this increase community engagement among your customers; it also allows you to foster an online community of customers who love what you cook. Consider adding menu and restaurant details to your page as well to encourage more in store dining.

Present your Mouth Watering Dishes

While you’re able to store your entire menu on a QR Code, you need to try to make it more interesting than walls of text describing what you have for sale. Use things such as high quality images and videos to show off your mouth watering food and dishes. Not only do these create an expectation for your customer and the quality of your food; it gives both you and your employees a standard to strive for as they prepare the food itself.

Promote Events and New Products

If you’re looking to launch a new menu item, host a musical event, or have some other exciting news for your customers; you owe to yourself and them to let them know through a QR Code. Simply place a code on your promo posters and materials and load it with the information they’ll need to know. This is a great way to spread information about what your restaurant is all about.


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