QR Codes and Inventory Tracking

25 Aug. 21

One of the more time consuming tasks for any business is the process of inventory tracking. Though necessary, it can become tedious as your business grows in size and your needs change. Thankfully, changing technology is quickly adapting itself to the new needs of large scale work forces. QR code solutions have been used in a number of industries already, but they’re now also seem mass adaption for inventory management purposes by everyone from retail stores to manufacturing warehouses. QR codes enable you to create customizable hotpots of unlimited information.

Leaving Behind Barcodes: The QR Code Revolution

QR codes or quick response codes are a new form of bar code, developed by Denso Wave in 1994. Its invention is significant as it is able to carry more information and data than a standard bar code, is traceable, and has a faster response speed and rate than the standard bar code. Additionally, while standard bar codes can only be read horizontally; QR codes are multi directional and can be scanned horizontally or vertically. Moreover, while bar codes are only capable of display numerical information and value for your products, QR codes are far more sophisticated and can be used to store a plethora of data types from videos, images, web addresses, documents, and PDF files.

Using QR Codes in your Inventory Management Process

There’s a variety of ways you’re able to incorporate using QR codes in your inventory management process. One common platform for creating your QR codes is Airtable. It allows you to embed your codes with digital information about the items you’re shipping, such as the model and serial numbers, the factory who manufactured the product, and the date of the manufacture itself. This makes tracking products and getting them out before their sell-by date much simpler for your business to manage.

The Smartphone Advantage of QR

Given almost everyone in the working world uses a smart phone, this provides you and your business a great advantage when you start incorporating QR codes into your business. Employees can use their phones to track, record inventory items, and check the status of deliveries or arrivals. The wide accessibility of QR Codes and smartphones is just one of the many reasons to adapt them to your business.

No More Bulky Scanners

In a time before QR Codes, large bulky hand scanning devices were often required for reading bar codes and processing them into your inventory system. Thankfully, with the advent of QR Codes and their mobile-friendly nature, you’re able to cut this business expense easily and use it towards other factors and aspects of your company.

A Wealth of Information

As stated before, QR Codes hold far more data than you standard bar code. Because of this, it offers a variety of solution for tech and inventory problems, and allows QR users to generate their own codes customized for their own function and use. This means QR Codes could have an almost infinite application in your business, and make the rapid exchange of analytics and information much simpler.

QR Codes are Self-Correcting

In the old days, when an error was made with a bar code; the bar code itself would need to be reprogrammed and re-entered into your system. Moreover, you’d be unable to scan the bar code itself if it was missing any segments of its information. QR Codes solve this issue, as they can still be scanned even if they’re partially faded or damaged. Moreover, QR Codes are customizable which means you can readily change the information stored without having to pull the data from circulation and re-enter it into your system.

Dynamic QR Codes Adapt to your Business Needs

A dynamic QR Code is a type of QR Code which allows for easy editing and updating of your code as you and your business got about your day. These types of QR Codes are typically used by larger industries, and allow you to actively change the data of your QR without needing to reprint the codes themselves.

QR Codes Work Everywhere

Remember earlier when we mentioned the bulky hand scanners from days of old? Those also needed a computer, with a unique tracking software. Not only is this inconvenient if you’re not in the immediate area, but it also creates more expenses for your business. Given QR Codes are readily accessible through smartphones, you can track your inventory anywhere without needed to rely on other tech.

Easy to Incorporate

Of all the points listed here, the most relevant is the fact that QR Codes are incredibly simple to set up and integrate into your inventory processing system. Moreover, many QR Code generators are free to use for both corporations as well as individual, private use. This means you can adapt the system to your company at almost no cost. Moreover, most new inventory software is designed with QR systems already included; making it easy to use your companies QR’s with these softwares.


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