Using QR Codes for your Food Truck

25 Aug. 21

With the pandemic and ensuing lock down, its easy to forget that not every culinary experience we have comes from a brick and mortar location. Food trucks are a great way to experience the cuisine of other cultures without having to pay top dollar. They’re run by passionate entrepreneurs with a love for food. So, why not take a step in the right direction and start advertising through one of the most customizable and mobile methods? QR Codes can be one of the most vital tools for food trucks, as these businesses need to be consistent with their advertising and marketing due to their small scale and at times, relatively small cash flow. Thankfully, QR Codes are easy and very cheap to implement for your food truck; and the benefits they bring are likely to increase sales and make for many happy customers.

Why Food Vendors Should Use QR Codes

QR Codes are one of the best ways to convert and convey data and information on a peer to peer level. They can store information into an easily scannable two dimensional bar code which enables devices such as everyday smart phones to scan them. From there, your users and customers have access to a plethora of data and information you’ve provided that is relevant to your food truck and your business.

How Can my Food Truck use QR Codes?

There is of course a variety of ways for you and your team to utilize QR Codes in your food truck. One of them is being able to create a contactless menu and delivery experience to enhance your customer and food safety measures. Alternatively, given most food trucks advertise heavily on social media; you can use your QR Codes as hyper links to your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages. Hyperlinking social media pages is a great way to boost engagements and help create a community around your truck and its products. Moreover, your customer is more likely to like or follow you on social media as oppose to your website. This means instead of visiting your site once and forgetting about it the next day, they’ll receive consistent updates about the state of your business and remember you in turn.

Events, Reviews, and Other QR Uses

Aside from streamlining the order experience and using QR Codes to create an online community, there are further uses for this technology your food truck can begin taking advantage of in order to boost revenue and public awareness. Consider offering discounts or free drinks for things like customer reviews or feedback hosted on a QR system. Not only does this boost your reputation through positive reviews, it also allows you to address negative reviews and customer concerns in real time in order to solve problems and mitigate crises. If you’re looking to host things such as new product launches, musical events, or other celebrations centred around your food truck and its customers; you can also use promotional posters with QR Codes to share information about upcoming events for your business. This keeps you from having to resort to the tedious process of mass inviting and word of mouth, and instead helps to organically spread the word about what your food truck is doing and why your customers should be interested. Additionally, QR Codes can be used for things such as contests, quality assurance, hiring processes, and inventory management and tracking. Automating these things for your food truck means you have more available time and attention to dedicate towards other aspects and factors in your business and its overall success in the cuisine world.

The Bottom Line on QR Codes

Its incredibly important in the world of food trucks to stay fresh and consistent in the minds of your customers. If they aren’t thinking about you, they likely aren’t buying your food either. Embracing new, highly mobile and adaptable technology like QR Codes and smart phones not only demonstrate that your business understands technology and wish to implement it; but it shows a degree of respect due to your commitment to providing great customer service and food experiences. QR Codes can also be used in achieving health and safety standards, by using things such as delivery and sell by dates in order to track the freshness of the ingredients you’re using. Regardless of how you choose to make QR Codes function in your food truck business, its readily apparent that their mass adaptability and low cost make them perfect for the often cash strapped and time pressed world of the food truck chef.

What about your business or food truck? Do you actively use QR Codes in your day to day life or business? Let us know in the comments below, or share your thoughts on this food truck topic on social media through Facebook and Twitter.


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