Innovative Ways to Use Archvis VR for your Remodelling Business

25 Aug. 21

The world of virtual reality is no longer an accessory for the latest video game or a plaything for those with high end computers. This fairly recent technology has the potential for mass application in a number of businesses; with one of the most readily apparent for adaption being architecture and remodelling. The construction industry involves a large degree of planning, expectation, and preparation. The arduous task of blueprinting and designing buildings can often be deeply time consuming, difficult, and costly. With the use of VR however, one can conduct designs, scale them to real life, and complete full, authentic walkthroughs of these digital domains.

Immersive Walkthroughs and Increased Client Satisfaction: Welcome to VR

The world of VR is something bold and new for the construction industry. It helps do away with architectural drawing and 3D models in exchange for bringing your projects to life. VR allows you to scale up your 2D drawn models and allow your perspective buyer or contractor to explore the building three dimensionally in the virtual field. Not only does switching to VR save time by allowing clients to make building and project decisions more quickly, it increases the overall positive collaboration that comes with the building process and heightens the important unity between clients and builders. Moreover, VR isn’t just for new constructions; it can also be used for things such as remodelling and home renovations. Pre-construction phases of your remodelling can greatly benefit from the use of VR allowing you to bring to life home additions like bathroom remodelling or a new bedroom installation. Regardless of what you’re adding, it gives you a chance to ensure the client and contractor are on the same page to make sure things proceed properly.

VR Decreases your Errors

In the world of construction and remodelling, one error or slip up can bring things to a grinding halt and undo the majority of labour you and your team have performed for the day. Not only is this incredibly frustrating for all involved, it slowly begins to affect your construction company by eating at the bottom line for the construction project. This is why the use of things such as 3D modelling and VR is so important for spotting errors before they’re made and fixing them before you even begin the building process.

VR can also assist with what is known as a ‘scope creep.’ This is when clients change their minds often about the design they are seeking, and can be a bit difficult to manage between client and contractor. Thankfully, Virtual Reality allows you to show off your design in real time and get the feedback and opinion from your client before you have to undo several hours of work.

Complicated Projects and VR Scalability

One problem in the architectural and construction world is the fact that scalability and complexity makes it much more difficult to get your job done. If you’re building a structure which consists of multiple floors or stories; or several rooms per section; you’re going to need to find a way to keep track of these things. Thankfully, since the Archvis VR app is available on conventional tablets and iPads, you can not only use it to track the process of your more complicated projects; but also as a way to scale your project and plan how things will look. You can inspect things through a 3D lense and decide if they’re up to your standards or could use improvement. Regardless of how you choose to analyze it, its clear VR can give you a powerful insight when your projects start to become a bit too much to handle alone.

Emergent Tech: Where VR is Headed

If the points above have you thinking about utilizing VR in your remodelling business, the best time to take advantage of this new and emerging technology is now. Since VR is a fairly new market and technology, its still in its infancy and thus its full potential has yet to be explored, not only on a consumer level but on a business utilization level as well. VR could potentially become one of the most powerful error finding and problem solving tools in the world of construction and remodelling. By getting involved with VR technology early, you’re not only taking a step ahead of your competitors; but you get to develop and grow with the industry as it changes and morphs into new sub-sets, skills, and specialties to help you create beautiful, breath taking buildings and ensure the satisfaction of your clients. And with the decrease of scope creeping among your clients and potential buyers, you save time and money which you can put towards things like new training, new services, or better materials for the use of your contractors.

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