Top 32 CRMs For Small Businesses

23 Jul. 22

It is not difficult to build and run a business. Businesses need a solution that allows employees to work together efficiently. There are many tools that can help you manage chaos and grow your business. Your business can manage customer interactions more efficiently and increase revenue with the right CRM.

CRM is an integrated system that automates and optimizes interactions between your company and customers. It is used in business to identify customer needs and exceed customer expectations. CRM is a tool for small businesses to manage leads, track customer calls, automate business processes, and enter customer data.

According to Grand View Research the global CRM market value reached $43.7 billion in 2020, and it is expected to continue growing.

What makes small businesses need a CRM?

CRM is often viewed as an enterprise-oriented software by small business owners. It doesn’t suit their ventures and therefore, it’s not worth the investment. They are wrong. We have researched many good reasons that even small companies should have a CRM.

The first reason is to reduce repetitive tasks. Routine tasks account for 22% of all employees’ work time. If you are a app and web development company, manual processing of documentation can take a lot of your time and could lead to delays, loss in profit, and customer churn. You can simply run CRM whenever you need it. Following the algorithm, all necessary actions are performed automatically.

Maintain a customer base. If there is no unified customer and partner information base, it can lead to important information being lost or not found when needed. Imagine you have to urgently send notifications to multiple clients but your phone numbers, email addresses, and business cards are scattered across several files, notebooks, and business cards. It can be difficult to find the right props.

CRM is primarily designed to help small businesses maintain their customer base. The system stores all information about clients, partners and contractors. Each card includes contact details, contract details, transaction statuses and more. In fact, the client base is the core of any system to which tasks can be tied. An employee can communicate with a client by simply opening a card.

Reason 3: Create coherence between each employee’s tasks. Only when every employee understands their job, can the company function effectively. A startup CRM allows you to design workflow algorithms that take into account specific activities of your company. Small businesses often don’t have the resources to manage customer interactions. A CRM can solve a variety of problems, including increasing conversion rates and managing orders. With CRM solutions for startups even the most inexperienced worker can learn exactly what to do at each stage.

Source: Finance Online

4: Data confidentiality. Clients need to be sure that their personal information is not shared with third parties. After building a customer base, security is the second most important function of a business CRM. An efficient, well-designed system provides flexible access settings and protection for selected files against copying or unloading. It is simple to find the perpetrator and take necessary actions even if there is unauthorised copying.

Reason 5: Organize documents workflow. Without an invoice, shipping goods is impossible. An invoice can only be created on the basis of a contract. This can cause a chaotic workflow that can result in lost time, and even a loss of a lucrative deal. All documents, from the agreement of intention to the closing of the transaction, can be found in one place thanks to CRM. They are also attached by the system directly to the client’s credit card. You can quickly and easily find the contract, invoice, certificate and other documents you need. You can also track documents moving between employees or departments.

A CRM can make your small business more profitable by helping you to generate more qualified leads, reduce data entry time, improve customer satisfaction, and collect more information about your customers.

Let’s look at other benefits of CRM that small businesses can reap.

Smooth Business Processes

What is the most difficult part about running a small business. The inability to find the right resources and the complexity of manual tasks. Numerous tasks and responsibilities are a constant struggle for entrepreneurs and small businesses. Business CRM lets you keep track of all phone calls, emails, appointments, and other information. So you have all the information that you need to plan your future activities. A CRM is essential for small businesses to keep their infrastructure running smoothly and allow them to grow.

Small businesses are often unable to manage complex marketing tasks such as lead generation, landing page design and follow-up management. These processes can be costly, time-consuming, and complex, which creates far more problems than they present. Small businesses today can create a manual, organized marketing system that improves marketing effectiveness and ROI with the right CRM.

Improved Cooperation and Transparency

You know that you will be overwhelmed with new tasks and responsibilities when you start a business. It’s impossible to plan for everything, and be prepared for any new challenges that may come your way. Everybody in a company has responsibilities and tasks. But founders often find it difficult to keep track of all projects. It’s impossible to accomplish everything even if you count the time spent on tasks.

Businesses need tools to help them create, find and analyze all relevant content in order to provide better customer service. Software that is robust and high quality in all areas and at every stage of your business is essential for proper collaboration with customers and staff. Small businesses can benefit from AI-based and machine-based CRMs that make their business run more smoothly.

Higher Efficiency and Productivity

Although business CRM software was traditionally designed to track the company’s interactions with customers over time, technological advances have allowed companies to reap significant benefits such as increased sales, customer satisfaction and improved business processes. This is possible because CRM allows employees be more productive in their work.

Source: Finance Online

By allowing companies to connect various functions, CRM software can help them increase their efficiency and productivity. It allows you to distinguish outsourcing from staffing and helps you decide which option is best for your company. It makes use of complex data and personalization techniques to reduce friction and connect people.

Increased Revenue

You are always looking for ways to increase your business’s revenue. Sales are a top priority for many businesses. CRM solutions for startups allow businesses to manage their day-today inefficiencies and deal with customers efficiently in order maximize their profits.

CRM for small businesses tracks all customer interactions, potential opportunities, and company data in order to maximize customer lifetime value. CRM provides greater insight, which can lead to higher profits. It can be a catalyst for revenue growth in your company, increasing projects monetization, improving lead nurturing, streamlining marketing, and building customer loyalty.

Lesser Dependency

Employees will be more autonomous if they have access to information and full visibility to projects. There will be less switching between apps and waiting for others to reply to messages. Everyone can do more work because there is less red tape.

The company leaders will then be able to work autonomously.

  • Assignment of targets to tasks
  • Review the current status and the nuances of each task’s progress.
  • Comment, add additional requests or feedbacks
  • Appoint and promote a responsible employee.
  • Monitor key indicators’ performance.

Last but not least, because of its automation capabilities, business CRM reduces the time required to perform routine tasks such as organizing data from different services, working with templates and letters, mass mailing, assigning statuses and taking shortcuts with a single click.

CRM Software: The Essential Features

CRM solutions for startups can be configured and integrated to allow them to manage many core business processes. Below is a list of the most important features you should be looking for in a software program.

Source: Finance Online

What other functions should your CRM perform?

Keep customers and increase sales

CRM for small businesses stores all information and history of communication with clients in one place. It is instantly issued to employees who work with it. The manager can present a portrait of the client to help him choose the best communication strategy. This will increase the chances that your customer is satisfied and will return to you. Information can also be shared quickly with other employees.

Automate business processes

CRM automates many mundane tasks such as billing, mail, and reporting that used to have to be done manually. All information can be stored in one place, which saves time searching for it elsewhere.

A good CRM can help a small business automate nearly any task.

  • Setting tasks for managers at every stage of the sales funnel
  • Forming documents about the client and transactions using a template with data automation;
  • Notifications or emails sent
  • Launching projects using templates, etc.

Track sales and lead generation

CRM allows companies to manage their sales process efficiently, from lead generation to outbound leads evaluation calls. CRM also allows companies to automate their sales process by eliminating tedious manual tasks such as calls to leads, customers and batch reports. The Business CRM lets you define Key Performance Indicators and create pipeline stages. It also allows you to identify standards for lead qualification. This allows you to respond quickly to high-quality leads without waiting for your competitors to reach out.

Report Sales Results

You can filter the data and create sales reports with the customer management system. This will enable you to see which customers are at what stage of the sales process, how long it takes to close the deal, who is eliminated, and why. It also allows you to view financial information, such as the company’s financial flow, and other useful information. All the information is available in one interface for the responsible employee: The goods/services the client has bought or was interested in previously.

Improve Cross-Team Collaboration

All information about meetings, calls and letters is made available in advance via a single interface. It is virtually impossible to miss them. A CRM system makes it easy to organize the work of a team without a clear division. They can create a smooth and conflict-free process that is free from redundancies. You can also use CRM solutions to help startups find out the hours worked by each employee and how to manage them. This can help you balance your workload and identify underperforming employees.

Manage Contacts Data

The CRM system was designed to reduce manual data entry. The CRM system will create a customer account and allow you to modify or add information. CRM for small businesses stores all information about the buyer.

  • Contacts (phone numbers, addresses);
  • Customer data (car brand name, birthday date and presence of children, preferences etc. )
  • Call logs and emails
  • Files and documents
  • History of payments and purchases

The data is presented chronologically so that you can quickly view all of the client’s history. There are no tables, stickers, notebooks or tables. To find a customer’s phone number or email, simply enter the name in the CRM search box and then open the card.

Top 32 CRMs For Startups

Many small and medium-sized companies and tech companies are looking to implement CRM systems. However, it can be difficult to find the right one. Below is a list of the most popular CRMs for small business and their benefits. Pick the one that best suits your needs!


The high-adoption rate and high-performance rates of this churn to-cash platform can help you generate more leads. Close was specifically designed for sales teams and offers the following key capabilities:

  • To optimize your stack, combine calls, SMS, video, and video in one mailbox and increase sales with omnichannel reach at large, you can combine them all.
  • You can manage every aspect of your deal with one central sales center that tracks all your communications, tasks and reminders.
  • With powerful, intuitive reports, you can improve your ability to find new ideas in raw data. Close monitors all aspects of sales, from calls to revenue generation so that you don’t miss a lucrative deal.

The following are major benefits of using CRM in your business:

  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • step-by-step workflow,
  • Automated and built-in emailing features

The main drawback is:

  • Technical support must be improved.

Agile CRM

Agile CRM permits the following:

  • Complete automation can help you ensure consistent messaging and eliminate data leaks in sales, marketing, or service.
  • Agile’s latest features and integrations are available to you. You can also take advantage of its ease-of-use and excellent support at a reasonable price.
  • The most efficient cloud SaaS service is mobile-ready, quick, and simple to use.

This CRM software is a great choice for small businesses.

  • Simple interface
  • Automated mailing
  • Lead Count
  • Email tracking

The main drawback is:

  • Customer support should be improved.


Hubspot CRM Integration offers the following main capabilities:

  • This service will help you increase traffic and convert more people by providing complete inbound marketing campaigns, tracking and analytics.
  • This allows you to gain deeper insight into prospects and automate tasks that you don’t like. It also helps you close more deals.
  • It helps you build relationships with customers and fulfill their expectations. It can also help predict how customers will react to service over time.

The following are some of the major benefits to this CRM system for small businesses:

  • Understands the needs and wants of seller
  • These powerful functions are
  • It can be easily integrated with other Hubspot tools.
  • Intutive UI

The following are major drawbacks

  • expensive
  • It evolved from a tool that was primarily used by marketers.


This CRM software is designed for agencies, IT companies, and real estate. The more you take actions, the higher your sales will be. OnePageCRM works great for:

  • After a sale is closed, plan the next step.
  • It is time to eliminate ‘dead databases’ and act on each
  • Monitoring the performance of sales teams and achieving goals.

This CRM software is a great choice for small businesses.

  • Clipper Lead
  • Target Widget
  • user-friendly.

The main drawback is:

  • Importing a large number contacts can be difficult.


Copper offers the following main features:

  • This tool integrates seamlessly with Gmail Calendar, Drive, and Gmail. It is so easy to use, you don’t have to switch tabs in order to track leads or track emails.
  • Your dashboard will allow you to keep an eye on your team’s progress and give you a complete view of all activity involved in closing a deal.
  • Copper CRM Platform has no learning curve and does not require data entry, making it an easy way to build a productive team.

This CRM software is a great choice for small businesses.

  • no data entry,
  • Google integration
  • Simple interface
  • mobile-ready.

The main drawback is:

  • It could be too slow
  • Data records may not always be visible
  • Larger teams can be expensive


Vtiger CRM Integration allows companies of any size to create a strong customer experience strategy. One View provides a 360-degree view and allows for customers to be viewed from all angles. This CRM software has a lot of incredible features and capabilities.

  • You can create a single source for truth that allows you to break down silos and gain critical company-wide support in marketing, sales and customer service all within one app.
  • Artificial Intelligence and automation are revolutionizing the industry. This allows sales teams to concentrate on the right deals while still generating revenue.
  • Engage your customers on all platforms. Create a dialog with them to find out more about their needs.
  • The mobile app is compatible with both Android devices and iOS devices.

The following are some of the major benefits to this CRM system for small businesses:

  • Understands the needs and wants of sellers
  • These powerful functions are
  • Simple interface
  • mobile-ready.

The main drawback is:

  • Sometimes, it can be slow.

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM plus integration is designed to provide a better customer experience. This tool will allow you to:

  • Engaging customers through multiple channels, at all stages of their customer lifecycle.
  • Your support, marketing, and sales teams can come together to provide flawless customer service.
  • AI-powered assistants make it easier to work more efficiently. They suggest the best time to contact customers and find contacts.

This CRM software is a great choice for small businesses.

  • AI-built assistant,
  • feature-rich cloud-based CRM,
  • Highly effective communication tools
  • Automated customizations

The main drawback is:

  • It takes time to master it.


Bitrix24 aims to help users generate more sales. These are the features of this tool:

  • CRM guides the customer through the sales funnel, from cold contact to closing a deal.
  • It helps you sell more by taking full control of all communication channels with customers, telling what to do and automating sales.
  • CRM marketing can boost sales of first and second.
  • Robots can send SMS, letters and automate sales to customers.

The following are some of the major benefits to this CRM system for small businesses:

  • Multiple add-ons or extensions are available
  • feature-rich,
  • You can customize it the way that you like
  • Intutive UI

The main drawback is:

  • On-site usage can be costly.


Nutshell allows B2B teams and individuals to use email marketing tools to help them close more deals.

  • The platform integrates seamlessly with your CRM data, so that your marketers and sellers have a single view of your entire company.
  • Software allows you to optimize your sales team’s efforts and focus more of your time on building customer relationships.
  • Companies can create highly targeted audiences by increasing their use of customer data and market analysis.

This CRM software is a great choice for small businesses.

  • Automated sales
  • feature-rich,
  • user-friendly.

The main drawback is:

  • Calendar should be created.


This LinkedIn automation tool helps users to grow their businesses. These features, as well as LinkedIn-oriented possibilities, are some of its many:

  • Submitting personalized “connect” requests.
  • Sending “connect” requests via email.
  • Send bulk messages to hundreds 1st-level contacts
  • Skills automatically approved

The following are major benefits of using CRM in your business:

  • Interface intuitive
  • It is easy to use
  • It is easy to increase LinkedIn connections and profile.

The main drawback is:

  • rare updates,
  • insufficient pipeline editing functionality.


TeamGate received an award for providing outstanding customer service. Teamgate users who have already signed up for the software are extremely satisfied with its functionality, according to various reviews platforms., a leading business app search platform, rated Teamgate as the fourth best CRM available in 2017. It was highly praised for its security features and positive customer feedback. The tool was also named the most user-friendly CRM program in the same year.

The following are some of the major benefits to this CRM system for small businesses:

  • user-friendly interface,
  • form auto-filling,
  • Smart filtering
  • improvements discovery.

The main drawback is:

  • The mobile app is lacking features.


Pipedrive was developed by the former sales team. Its main features include:

  • This CRM software is easy to use in just a few seconds.
  • Pipedrive supports you in reaching your weekly goals, rather than focusing on the sale.
  • Pipedrive’s easy analytics make it possible to track your entire sales process.

This CRM software is a great choice for small businesses.

  • Simple interface
  • Chatbot function available
  • It is easy to customize
  • superior customer support.

The main drawback is:

  • Some functions can be difficult to find because they are hidden.


Streak is designed to facilitate team collaboration. The main features of this program are:

  • It will help you streamline your team’s tasks, and keep your task pipeline moving along without missing a beat.
  • You can keep track of the progress of your tasks by using reminders and notifiers.
  • You can check your emails, and calculate on the move with a mobile-friendly dashboard.

The following are some of the major benefits to this CRM system for small businesses:

  • Integration with Gmail
  • Simple user interface
  • It is easy to customize
  • The free version suffices.

The main drawback is:

  • Slower than other sellers on the market


Nimble is relationship-focused. It allows you to do the following:

  • Automatically combine contacts, social media connections and communications.
  • You can quickly identify the contact information and history of interactions for your team members.
  • To send group emails to prospective clients, segment your contacts into lists.

The following are some of the major benefits to this CRM system for small businesses:

  • Interface intuitive
  • Synchronization of tasks
  • Add-ons and Extensions that are useful

The following are major drawbacks

  • slow email delivery,
  • Sometimes, the system may take a while to respond.


Salesforce has many ways to meet the needs of your company, regardless of whether it is for sales, marketing or sales operations.

  • All sales operations can be monitored from any device. You can also monitor every prospect, opportunity and customer. This makes it easy to ensure you never miss a sale.
  • The cloud-based platform was used by the company to provide full functionality and eliminate the need for users to purchase expensive hardware.
  • Salesforce software is mobile-friendly, offering customer insight and personalization for all customer touch points and at every stage of the customer’s life cycle.

The following are major benefits of using CRM in your business:

  • Synchronization of tasks
  • Simple interface
  • It is easy to customize

The following are major drawbacks

  • Sometimes, the system may take a while to respond.


This CRM uses customer insights and sales analytics to increase a company’s revenues. Maximizer lets you:

  • You can see the revenue generated by each bond campaign through Bond Campaigns
  • Your salespeople should remain focused on reaching your revenue goals while maintaining their productivity.
  • Your sales team can generate more leads that are easier for you to convert.

The following are some of the major benefits to this CRM system for small businesses:

  • user-friendly interface,
  • Analytics reporting
  • excellent customer support,
  • Automated sales functions

The main drawback is:

  • It can be prohibitively expensive.


Every business has to deal with lost leads at some point. Funnel was designed to ensure that you never miss an opportunity to follow up on customers.

  • Our pre-built contact forms make it easy to create forms on your blog or website. By submitting contact forms, businesses can increase their chances of generating leads, convert them to paying customers and then have them enter a sales funnel.
  • A professional proposal will be sent to customers that summarizes your products and services. It should be well-formatted. Funnel stores information about your contacts to help you create a contacts list.
  • Instead of logging into Funnel, you can reply to customers via your preferred email client or mobile device. Your inbox will remain private, even though it is not accessed by Funnel.

The following are some of the major benefits to this CRM system for small businesses:

  • Creation of a contact form
  • Sales funnel automation
  • user-friendly,
  • Highly efficient customer communications

The main drawback is:

  • Integrations require improvement.


Insightly lets you:

  • Create a customer journey that is well-designed and collect customer feedback. This will help you to identify the right customer.
  • Get customer feedback and turn it into actionable data that will help you grow your business.
  • You can easily integrate data from your favorite apps into the new system to keep up with them.

The following are major benefits of using CRM in your business:

  • Superior customer communication tools
  • user-friendly interface,
  • Useful extensions and add-ons
  • feature-rich.

The main drawback is:

  • Large companies may find it too costly.


Freshsales allows sales and marketing teams to work together with a single CRM. You can:

  • To ensure customer satisfaction, focus on how you leverage your marketing and lead generation resources.
  • To seal deals faster, it is important to understand the customer’s intent and communicate the right messages.
  • You can make your team happy with one solution that is affordable, simple to implement and easy to use.

This CRM software is a great choice for small businesses.

  • user-friendly interface,
  • Slack is easily integrated with it
  • feature-rich,
  • It is easy to get started.

The main drawback is:

  • Search engines are less user-friendly.


FreeAgent enables users to optimize sales and marketing, customer success, project administration, and other areas to manage their businesses effectively. It was created to:

  • This tool will allow you to plan and prioritize your business processes in a positive, resilient, and satisfying way.
  • You can customize your workspace with the integration of your favorite apps.
  • Increase sales efficiency and predict future revenue and deals.

This CRM is a great tool for small businesses.

  • Fully customizable workspace
  • Organized boards/lists/cards
  • multifunctional
  • It is easy to use

The main drawback is:

  • Search functions can take a lot of time.


This tool is perfect for sales, marketing, and support teams.

  • EngageBay keeps track of all customer contact information and helps to strengthen relationships.
  • This saves time and allows you to send personalized messages to your target audience.
  • This increases customer satisfaction and boosts conversion rates. It allows clients to get immediate help when they need it.

This CRM is a great tool for small businesses.

  • User-friendly interface
  • Highly efficient functions
  • Small businesses will find it useful
  • Useful integrations

The following are major drawbacks

  • Sometimes, it can be awkward.
  • lacks design templates.


Previously known as Infusionsoft CRM, Keap helps businesses stay organized. It allows you:

  • To automatically collect and organize contacts, use landing pages and custom lead forms.
  • The Keap dashboard, mobile app allows you to search for contact information and download it.
  • To connect with each contact, tag and segment them based on their activity and contact data.

This CRM software is a great choice for small businesses.

  • User-friendly interface
  • Highly efficient functions
  • Small businesses will find it useful
  • Useful integrations

The following are major drawbacks

  • Limited integrations
  • It might be too expensive.


What’s the purpose of this CRM?

  • Salesflare automatically collects and enters all important information and sends it to you.
  • Salesflare offers a wealth of intelligence and the ability to show you how to take advantage of any opportunities.
  • It allows your team to keep up with emails and conversations that they aren’t part of.

This CRM is a great tool for small businesses.

  • Extended capabilities
  • You can easily predict the sales
  • simple pipeline control
  • Updated regularly

The main drawback is:

  • Navigation can sometimes be difficult. makes it easy to build, manage, and scale workflows from one platform. This CRM allows you to:

  • You can get things moving quickly with hundreds upon hundreds of customizable, visually appealing templates. Or you can create your own.
  • Automating repetitive tasks will save you time and reduce human error.
  • You can use a variety of tools to visualize your data in projects.

This CRM software is a great choice for small businesses.

  • Clear and simple UI
  • Kanban boards and Gantt charts
  • Flexibility and customization
  • Add-ons and Integrations

The following are major drawbacks

  • There are many uses for the software, but there are fewer features
    that focus on customer success and sales.
  • Installation and configuration are required.


This CRM is designed to deliver exceptional customer communications through all channels. Zendesk offers:

  • Providing seamless, sophisticated support across all channels that allows everyone to connect with customers and get on the same page.
  • Customers will never need to repeat the same thing again thanks to the combination of AI-powered bots and automation.
  • Customers can create and maintain an integrated help centre or community forum, which makes it simple for them to solve their problems at their own pace.

This CRM software is a great choice for small businesses.

  • Interface intuitive
  • configurable parameters,
  • Corporations across all communities

The main drawback is:

  • Lack of add-ons


The salesmate platform can provide simple, personal and productive experiences to your sales team and customers.

  • Target your prospects and leads with targeted, automated email, text and phone follow-ups. This will increase conversions and help you convert more leads into customers.
  • You can manage your sales team by tracking the progress of contacts, deals and other activities. This will allow you to focus on selling, not worrying about tedious details.
  • Make sure you have playbooks, cadences and tools to turn your reps into revenue-generating machines.

This CRM software is a great choice for small businesses.

  • Interface intuitive
  • fair price,
  • High-quality customer service.

The main drawback is:

  • Data exchange should be developed.


ClickUp is a popular app in the past few years. It is claimed by the team that it can replace all other apps. It does indeed have amazing features.

  • In one place, you can collaborate on documents, tasks, chat, or set goals.
  • You can easily customize tools to suit the needs of your entire team.
  • Automately import work from other tools without having to switch between them.
  • Drag data from Excel or other tools to create a custom import.
  • Project planning is easy with the highly customizable views that allow you to manage any project from beginning to end.
  • Chat allows you to collaborate with your team, make changes to your status and stay on top of things with notifications.
  • Visual tools can be used to help your team. These tools include tasks, sprints and statuses. Timesheet management tools can also be integrated into the collaboration system.

This CRM software is a great choice for small businesses.

  • integral feature-rich system
  • Fully customizable
  • file auto importing
  • user-friendly interface.

The main drawback is:

  • It takes time to master
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