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Hubspot CRM Integration

For businesses looking for a way to better manage their sales, marketing, and customer data; CRM from Hubspot is a great way to get on top of things. One of the most popular, the subscription-based service Hubspot, is a powerful tool for managing your email campaigns, sales leads, tracking your projects, and managing your customer service. In addition to this, Hubspot offers integration of several popular sales point software such as Marketo and Shopify which help to automate and run your businesses.

Hubspot CRM Integration with Let’s Nurture

The strongest feature the Hubspot CRM offers is its seamless ability to integrate with other business software to help manage your data and business much more simply. It also provides you with valuable analytics and information about various client operations within your business; which makes it easier to follow up on leads for things such as keywords, product development, and informing your team members of new client data. Let’s Nurture can help you with the setup stage of these features, as well as assist with the following.

  1. Maximize Client Automation: Let’s Nurture will assist your company in synchronizing and moving your records and information into the Hubspot system.
  2. Automate Data Transfers with Hubspot: Save your company time and effort by getting rid of manually entering data. Through the use of Hubspot and with the assistance of Let’s Nurture, we’ll automate your data transfer process, making it simple to keep your records up to date with accurate information.
  3. Control your Data Preferences: Through the use of Hubspot Sales Integration, you can more closely control your data, how frequently it is viewed, and which members of your team can access specific files and information. This allows you to categorize your information by level of importance, letting you keep sensitive data safer from unauthorized access.

Other Great Hubspot Sales Integrations Offered by Let’s Nurture

In addition to the great features related to data, automation, and data transfers; Hubspot is also host to a variety of great software integration opportunities to help run your business more efficiently.

  1. Scheduling and Planning with Google Workspace: A digital calendar is one of the best ways for an employee to track their scheduling, meetings, and project deadlines. By using Hubspot CRM Integration to integrate the Google Workspace, you can create a unified calendar with all the important information included for your employees.
  2. Easy, Automated Accounting and Billing through QuickBooks: Another great integration offered by Let’s Nurture is the inclusion of QuickBooks into your company repertoire. QuickBooks is a great software that allows you to see specific billing for clients, schedule tasks, set performance metrics for your team, and the ability to create Gant charts that you can use for budgeting and milestones. You can also utilize QuickBooks to set up approvals for your billable projects, which helps you be more efficient with your team hitting their deadlines.
  3. Easier Tracking of Information with Windows 365: Another great way to get all your information in one place for your team is utilizing Windows 365. Not only can you integrate Outlook to schedule tasks and meetings, but you can also set up your deadline estimates and track tasks with priority. This gives you a trackable history of all the projects you and your business have completed, which can help you pinpoint projects which are missing payments or are still incomplete.

If you’re curious about using Hubspot CRM website integration for your business, or if you’re looking to discuss other integration of third-party programs, Let’s Nurture is ready to help. We offer full 24/7 customer support and ongoing maintenance for all our clients; as well as providing free consultation to those curious about our services. To find out more, contact Let’s Nurture today! 


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