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vTiger CRM Integration Services

Nobody likes completing repetitive tasks. Whether it’s calculating the payroll, completing security checks and scans, or simply processing large amounts of data; it becomes a drain on your company’s time and resources to go through these manual processes every single day. However, automation is quickly becoming a go-to for several businesses, with software like the Vtiger CRM making automation much simpler and streamlined for businesses worldwide.

Let’s Nurture is all about finding the newest and cutting-edge technology to help your business solve issues faster, eliminating delays for customers and overall downtime caused by tech or logistical errors. That’s why Let’s Nurture is pleased to announce our support of the Vtiger CRM system for businesses. Let’s break down the many ways Let’s Nurture will use Vtiger and other systems to help with automating tasks at your company.

  1. Create Products in Vtiger using PrestaShop: If your business uses Prestashop for selling your products online, Let’s Nurture can help integrate this into your Vtiger CRM. Simply add your product to Prestashop, and it will automatically sync to your Vtiger database; allowing you to view the sales and marketing data for your product from the Vtiger dashboard.
  2. Conveniently Update your Contact Database with Databox: Maintain an accurate, up to date list of your customer and client contact information is critical for any business. Vtiger makes automation for this process easy with the use of Databox. Once you add your new contact information to Vtiger, it’s automatic syncing will send the data to Databox and update the contact as needed.
  3. Bring New Services to Databox: Similar to the previous service, anytime you create a new service offered by your business in Vtiger, our team will set up automation to send this service contract to your Databox. From there, you can easily analyze and track the sales and orders, as well as total revenue related to this service.

In addition to these services, Let’s Nurture aims to assist in the monitoring of your business through Vtiger, as well as providing 24/7 customer support. Additionally, we can provide notifications related to records, API changes, and when specific records on your Vtiger system are created, deleted, or asked to be viewed or updated. This provides your team with up-to-date information about which employees are engaging with what data, and can be beneficial in the event of a large loss of data or the intentional deletion or vandalism of specific records and documents.

Vtiger CRM also provides your team with an end-to-end sales management cycle, leads, potential opportunities, invoices, and the ability to send out quotas for consultations or build requests. Additionally, you can easily import and export data with Vtiger using things such as CSV files, web to lead forms, and your own customizable dashboards. Workflows, tasks, and project management features can also be easily accessed to improve efficiency, and customer portals and support tickets allow you to provide faster, more informed customer service. Plus, you can access the Vtiger CRM from anywhere; using their mobile apps for the iPhone, iPad, and several Android devices.

If you and your team are curious about utilizing Vtiger through Let’s Nurture, or if you’d simply like to contact us for a free consultation for this or our other technological solution services; use the form below. Let’s Nurture has been helping businesses grow through technology for two decades, and we’re ready to help your business take the next step into the world of automation with Vtiger CRM!

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