TaxJar Features, Pricing & its API Integration

30 Jun. 22

When running a business, maintaining proper documentation and record of your sales, earnings, and taxes is critically important. While this is possible to do manually, it can be time-consuming, and difficult, and human error may cause some issues to arise. Thankfully, there are a number of programs which are out there that allow users to automate their tax compliances and make e-commerce a more streamlined, seamless experience. Today, we’ll discuss Taxjar, a Sales Tax Compliance program, as well as its features, pricing, and API Integration


Features of TaxJar


Taxjar believes in doing the heavy lifting for businesses, which means its program is designed to automate some of the more tedious and difficult tasks associated with tax compliance. Taxjar is built with modern cloud-based architecture in order to deliver high performance, reliability, and flexibility for your business. Now, let’s briefly discuss the various features of TaxJar:

  • Track your analytic & economic performance across states, countries, and more; giving you a clearer picture of your demographics.
  • Accurately calculate your sales tax in real-time.
  • Automated tax filing and remittance.
  • Comprehensive sales tax reports.
  • World-class, 24/7 support.


TaxJar Pricing


TaxJar believes in providing pricing plans built for your business and organizational needs, as well as the future of your business. TaxJar offers three tiers of pricing, including starter, professional, and premium. Their starter plan is available for all users for free but lacks some key features like Address Validation API, Certificate Repositories, and API integration. For the professional and premium packages, contact TaxJar’s sales team today for price consultations and find what works best for your team.


TaxJar’s API System


An API is your program’s Application Programming Interface. This simply refers to the interface which is used by a program to provide a service between two different applications, as well as how they communicate with each other & respond. TaxJar’s API system is highly responsive, capable of creating real-time calculations between programs in less than 20 milliseconds and with a 99.99% uptime. This highly capable system also scales with businesses, meaning increased business will not lead to slowdowns or downtime for your system. 


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