2Checkout Features, Pricing & its API Integration

30 Jun. 22

While the world of online sales is typically fairly seamless in its function, not all programs are created equally and it’s possible for a business to lose sales or potential revenue due to this. However, if you’re looking for a suite of software tools that makes modern commerce simplified; then 2Checkout is the program for you! Not only do they offer an all-in-one system for your monetization & Payment Gateway Integrations, but they aim to help your business maximize its revenue and speed up the rate of your global online sales. But, what features does 2Checkout include? How much does it cost? And how does their API function? This article will explore those questions and more. Let’s begin! 


2Checkout Features


Given that 2Checkout is a global payment system, it’s important they have features not just related to the processing of transactions; but for easing the process of making purchases globally for various countries and clients across the world. Let’s explore how 2Checkout’s list of robust features makes this simple: 


  • Customized subscription & pricing plans.
  • Customer account updaters and easy profile management.
  • Multiple currency and customized checkout and payment methods.
  • Multi-language support for clients across the globe.
  • Recurring billing for subscription plans and other business models.
  • Data security protection which means level 1 PCI compliance.
  • E-commerce integration and front-end support


The Pricing of 2Checkout


2Checkout is available in four separate pricing plans. Let’s break them down further:


2Sell: This plan is a simple way to sell globally, charging users a 3.5% commission plus 35 cents per sale. This plan does not require a credit card and is free to sign up for. It includes basic features for 2Sell but has some customer management features stuck behind a paywall.


2Subscribe: This plan is designed for those looking to develop and support a subscription-based business, giving all the benefits of the 2Sell package as well as reduced customer churn rates, subscription management tools, renewal management, and more. The 2Subscribe plan costs 4.5% commission plus 45 cents per sale.


2Monetize: The third plan is your all-in-one solution to selling your goods globally. While it charges 6% plus 60 cents per sale, it includes all the benefits of the 2Subscribe package, as well as helping with global tax compliance, invoice management, and access to over 45 different payment methods.


4Enterprise: The 4Enterprise package is available on a custom pricing basis only. It offers premium onboarding packages, dedicated support, customer integration, professional services, and access to the 2Checkout affiliate network. Contact the 2Checkout sales team for more information about the Enterprise package.


API Integration of 2Checkout


An API or application programming interface is a software system designed for integration and completing tasks. 2Checkout’s robust API system allows you to manage the aspects of your online store, such as your selling channels, business models, branding models, and a customer management system for retaining and serving clients.




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