Avalara: Features, Pricing & its API Integration

30 Jun. 22

Tax compliance is key to staying on the right side of things legally and ensuring you don’t have long-term financial issues with your business. Of course, there are a number of great tax compliance software available, and Avalara is no different. With more than 30,000 customers across 95 countries, Avalara is one of the best ways to go when your business is considering tax compliance Website Development This post is to help you build an eCommerce platform using Avalara’s features, pricing, and API Integration Services. Let’s get started!

Avalara Payment Gateway Features



Avalara is packed with end-to-end features to offer you sales tax solutions in real-time. They have several features to help businesses do the most with their financial data, including:


  • Tax rate calculations.
  • Sales tax registration.
  • Simple return filing & remittance.
  • Certificate creation & management.
  • Data & content insights.
  • Simple market integration.


Avalara Pricing


Avalara believes in providing pricing which can easily adapt to the needs of any business or entrepreneur. If you’re curious about exploring the pricing options available through Avalara.

Avalara’s API Integration



Avalara’s API Integration Services includes the integration of existing financial apps and software into their tax compliance system. They use the same unified API for their sales, tax, cross-border transactions, and any other tax solution required by their program or clients. The Avalara API also comes with its own source development kit, meaning developers can create simpler solutions for the software than what is available out of the box. 

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