Improving your Workplace Productivity with Microsoft 365

09 Feb. 22

Still, wondering if Microsoft 365 is right for you and your business? While you might be sitting on the fence about how Microsoft 365 can lead to a business transformation for you and your team, you might not have enough information available for you to make an informed purchase regarding 365. However, if you’re open to learning more; we’ve compiled some great tips you can use in tandem with Microsoft 365 in order to increase your workplace productivity and kickstart the digital transformation of your business. Let’s break down first what exactly Microsoft 365 is for those who aren’t familiar, then we’ll talk about some great tips you can start utilizing to bump up your efficiency and give your team a great tool for the office place.

Microsoft 365 – Explained

Microsoft 365 is a subscription-based business productivity tool platform for both businesses and individuals alike. It combines the tools of Office 365, Enterprise Mobility, and Security, as well as support for Windows 10. All of these apps are easily integrated into Microsoft 365, giving you all the tools you need in a single easy-to-access package.

Productivity Tips for Microsoft 365

  1. Collaborate in Real-Time using SharePoint Online: One great feature added to the Microsoft 365 system is SharePoint Online. It allows your employees to collaboratively work on, edit, store, and share files quickly and securely. Whatever your project is, SharePoint has you covered.
  2. Better Mobile Optimization: Along with being a great tool for laptops and desktop PCs, Microsoft 365 also has a fully integrated application for tablets, smartphones, and other mobile smart devices. This means your employees can access their files and tasks anywhere, letting them more easily reach deadlines.
  3. Cloud-Based Storage Via SharePoint: Looking to store all your data in one place for your employees to access? With SharePoint, you can access shared cloud storage for your employees; allowing them to access your files anywhere from the cloud.
  4. Improving Teamwork with Microsoft 365: Because Microsoft 365 allows your team members to work collaboratively, it also means they can communicate in real-time regardless of where they are in the world. This eliminates issues like time zones or even language barriers as well.
  5. No More Downtime: Given the apps, you’ll be using will be primarily cloud-based, this means they do not need to be physically installed, have a software license, or even require trained engineers. Additionally, there are no maintenance updates that will cause slowdowns or downtime for your business.
  6. A Secure Work Environment: Given that the security and safety of both business and customer data is a priority of Microsoft 365; it has several layers of cybersecurity to prevent breaches, phishing, or other cyber attacks.

So, with all these tips in mind; you might feel more comfortable utilizing Microsoft 365 for your business. Still, looking to learn more? You can contact Let’s Nurture for a free consultation regarding software like Microsoft 365. We’ve been helping companies find technological solutions for two decades, and we’ll be happy to hear from you.

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