Ten Niche and Unique E-Commerce Ideas for Maximizing Profits

19 Jan. 22

The world of e-commerce platforms and businesses has rapidly become one of the fastest-growing online industries in the world. This is because e-commerce not only offers unique benefits to those who own the business but provides customers with a more streamlined online buying experience that’s designed to maximize their freedom of choice and allow them to make more informed purchasing decisions. However, the market is also full of many stores and sites attempting to tap into similar industries and communities, and because of this, it can feel a bit difficult to get noticed within the vast world of e-commerce storefronts. Thankfully, there are still a number of niche and unique ideas which businesses can take advantage of in order to capture specific demographics and maximize their profits as well. Today, we’ll be covering ten of these market types so your business can know where the next emerging e-commerce stores are and how you can take full advantage of them. Let’s get to it!

Organic Skincare & Mascara Products

For the last decade, there has been a sharp rise in the need for consumers to purchase organic products, whether it’s their food, clothing, or a product for their skincare routine. Skincare in particular is becoming increasingly green and organic, as we’ve learned more about what specific chemicals may do to the skin or human body. With an expected growth rate of 10% and a market value that is expected to hit $22 billion by the year 2024, it’s clear then that products like organic mascara, facial oil, mineral sunscreen, and facial cleansers are going to become increasingly popular. For those who aren’t sure where to start, there are also many private manufacturers currently working in the organic skincare industry such as Radical Cosmetics. 

Eco-Friendly Toiletries for Children and Adults

As of 2020, more than 80 million children under the age of three live in the United States which accounts for roughly 24% of its total population. Moreover, it assumed roughly 20% of all transactions involving products for babies are purchased online. In total it’s expected that $500 billion worth of household spending every year is related to children and their care, and a large portion of that is toiletries such as diapers or toilet papers. As we all know, disposable diapers are one of the least biodegradable items in our landfills, and as a result, this can cause an increase in greenhouse gas. Thankfully, biodegradable, eco-friendly diapers and wipes are becoming an increasingly common choice among parents; and by selling these cloth and hybrid toiletries in bulk; you can capture a portion of a huge market that can reap massive benefits for your shop. 

Custom Made Jewelry

Everyone loves a good piece of jewelry, and the right ring, necklace, or bracelet can make for a memorable gift for someone close to you. However, the often exorbitant prices for materials such as diamonds, gold, and other gemstones often make these gifts an economic impossibility for younger customers on a tighter budget. Thankfully, there are many unique jewelers making their own pieces out of things such as glass, sandstone, gemstones, and other less expensive materials which allows them to mass-produce beautiful pieces at a fraction of the cost. By getting into the custom jewelry market, you not only reap the benefits of the financial surge to these stores; but you help your customers create meaningful and memorable moments in their lives.

Vaping Hard & Flavors

Whether it’s tobacco or marijuana-based vapes, the trend of smokers switching from cigarettes and joints to handheld vaporizers and disposables isn’t going anywhere, and with the wide variety of hardware vaping products available, as well as the unique variety of flavors; the vaping industry is continuously growing each year. While there are plenty of e-commerce stores already focusing on this lucrative market, there is still a gap for many local communities looking to get their unique flavor fix; so catering to these demographics can be a great way to stand out amongst the competitors.

3D Assets & Graphics

While it might sound surprising, there is a massive market for pre-rendered, pre-created 3D assets and graphics. First starting with Unity’s asset store in 2017, many independent graphic designers and studios have taken to creating their own eCommerce shops where they sell their assets. These assets can be sold not only as one-time buys, but as ongoing monthly and yearly subscriptions for use in games, advertisements, or film projects. Moreover, NFTs have recently been introduced to the Shopify platform, meaning those created in the world of cryptocurrency can now also take advantage of e-commerce markets.

Online Grocery & Food Marketplaces

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the amount of real-world shopping many of us do has declined greatly. This is no different when it comes to fast food, restaurants, and grocery shopping which is largely being replaced by apps, remote shoppers, and contactless delivery and pickup. Because of these recent changes, creating your own locally sustained grocery store through an e-commerce platform is a great way to not only help feed your community, but build business relationships by helping local farmers, producers, and other food manufacturers in selling their products. 

Face & Cloth Masks

Going back to the previously mentioned COVID-19 pandemic, the regular wearing of face masks in public locations has become a part of almost all our lives. Because of this, many people have begun purchasing unique or custom masks based on interests such as popular films, TV shows, viral catchphrases, and other portions of pop culture. If you’re looking for a lucrative e-commerce shop, creating and designing your own unique masks for sale is a great way to draw in customers; especially if you appeal to an already existing fanbase. Just make sure to use high-quality material to make sure you don’t risk the safety of your customers.

Custom Made PPE

Personal safety equipment sales have also seen a distinct rise due to the pandemic. This is because many businesses and private enterprises have had to equip their employees and customers with things such as masks, gloves, and visors designed to reduce the spread of germs and possible infections. By offering services that design custom-made and custom-fitted PPE equipment, you can quickly monopolize a private market of businesses looking to keep their workers safe and in turn, generate a healthy profit.

Create an Online Course

Many people have much more free time now than they did before, and because of this; the world of online education and courses has seen a rise in profitability. In fact, expected sales figures for the online course industry put it at a speculative $286 billion by 2023. Whether you’re teaching your customers how to do graphic design, cook, or code; if you’re a knowledgeable person who can assemble an easy-to-follow course; then you can also capture demographics who are eager to learn from you.


For our final entry on our list, we’ve decided to mention the growing trend of dropshipping. While many thousands of businesses already take part in the world of dropshipping, it is still a highly lucrative method of business; especially if you look to sell either niche or high-ticket items such as drones, computer parts, and smart devices. Regardless of what you sell, dropshipping integrates flawlessly into the e-commerce model and this means you’re much more likely to maximize your profit and sales potential.

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