Mastering Microsoft’s 365 Business Voice Features

09 Feb. 22

Despite the technology we have in our modern age, communication still isn’t an easy feat for most businesses to accomplish. This is because our communication has become fragmented into calling, texting, emails, meeting, and face-to-face sit-downs. As a business owner, it can be difficult to keep track of all this information constantly flowing in your business. This is why you need a communication solution that helps to unify your system of communication.

This means not only will you need to understand and facilitate a variety of communication types, but also means you’ll need to keep all the data secure in order to prevent leaks. This means setting up policies to prevent unauthorized or inappropriate communication between employees. For example, you don’t want a customer or confidential information related to your business being sent through texts and emails, but you also don’t want to have to call a meeting each day to discuss this information either. Thankfully, there are a number of programs that can function as a safe, secure workaround to this communication issue, and the best one for the job is Microsoft 365 Business Voice.

Breaking down Microsoft 365 Business Voice

Microsoft Business Voice was created as an all-in-one communications system that can be utilized by businesses and individuals alike. It combines calling, messaging, and meetings under one platform referred to as ‘Microsoft Teams.’ Not only does this application streamline your communications, it also helps by integrating Microsoft’s Office 365. Business Voice, which is currently available globally is a cloud-based telephone solution, and its integration with other 365 features makes it even more powerful.  Let’s get to a few of these to better understand why Business Voice is the solution your team needs.

Business Voice Features

  1. Audio Conferencing: If you’re looking to host a meeting or discussion, Business Voice has you covered; offering audio conferencing to over 300 users at any time.
  2. Easy Video Calling: Are you in the middle of a chat conversion and feel the need to explain things in your own words? Business Voice offers an easy one-click video and audio call feature, which gives you the ability to hold meetings one on one.
  3. VoIP Dialing: If you use tools like Microsoft Teams or Skype already, then you’re familiar with how VoIP Dialing works. Business Voice offers flexible calling plans for businesses of any size, making communication easier for your team.
  4. Call Transfer and Queuing Functions: If you’re taking a large volume of calls at your business, you may need to create a queue or use call transferring. Business Voice allows businesses to set up these features and use their own greeting when customers phone in.
  5. Number Migration: If you’re looking to avoid the hassle of changing your phone number, you can easily migrate your older phone number using Business Voice.
  6. BYOD Compatibility: Do your workers bring their own devices to the job? Whether it’s a tablet, laptop, smartphone, or desktop; they’ll be able to connect to your Business Voice system and use the features just the same.
  7. Simpler Setup: By using the ‘getting started’ wizard included in Business Voice, you can easily set up your tools and licensing for users on your system.
  8. AI Integration: Business Voice also supports the usage of AI technology, which can be used for transcribing things such as voicemails, or easy translation of chat messages from colleagues globally.

Benefits of Business Voice

Aside from the plethora of great features included in Business Voice, there are a number of other benefits your team will get from Business Voice. For one, its all-in-one solution will assist with solving communication issues by running them through a single app. This helps improve the overall security of your company and provides your team with an easy-to-use tool. Additionally, the integration of other Officer 365 tools such as Word or Powerpoint means they can utilize these during meetings, to present information in a clearer and more dynamic way. The multi-device support is also a game-changing benefit for any business with a BYOD policy and helps your company in building its remote workforce. Finally, the top-cloud technology offered by Business Voice is backed by Microsoft’s 99.9% uptime guarantee, meaning you’ll have reliable tools for your entire team.

Looking to use a system like Business Voice but you’re not sure where to start? Let’s Nurture has been helping businesses make their solutions a reality for over two decades. We offer free consultation and will be happy to talk with your business about any need you might have.

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