Great Project Management Courses you Can Complete in 20 Hours or Less

29 Oct. 21

If you run a business, project management is an important skill set you should consider developing. Project management covers the process of creating and implementing a plan for your business, with specific goals, timeframes, and budgets in mind. Many successful managers and CEOs use these skills to improve team coordination, resource management, and reaching a company or fiscal goals. By learning project management, you improve your business skills and create new opportunities not just for yourself and your business, but for your staff, customers, and investors as well. And if you’re worried obtaining a project management certificate is difficult, you’ll be happy to know there’s plenty of free or inexpensive courses available. Plus, if you’re looking to learn these skills in a timely manner; all the courses we discuss in this article can be completed in twenty hours or less.

Kellogg’s Project Management Course

Starting off our list is the Kellogg Project Management Course. This project management course is a great way for beginners to learn the basics and fundamentals of project management, all within six months and 15-20 hours of teaching each week. This course is easy to manage because of its relatively open schedule and the ability to study whenever works best for you. It teaches you the best practices of PM, frameworks, and the soft skills you’ll need to run an efficient team. Kellogg’s course is considered one of the top management courses available due to its comprehensive depth of knowledge and its interactive courses which make learning simpler. The Kellogg management course costs $5,500 in total, and while some may consider this expensive; it’s hard to find a better program for learning project management and earning a certificate.

Project Management Level One by Udemy

If you haven’t heard of Udemy, it’s a fantastic resource for anyone looking to learn new skills. Their Project Management Level One course, offered by Joseph Philips is an excellent and inexpensive course available for anyone looking to learn about the process of project management and how to integrate these teachings into a successful career. The course is broken up in 44 different lectures totaling 3 hours and 31 minutes in total length.  It’ll teach the process of initiating and planning a project, how to execute it properly, and the monitoring and support after it’s been released to the general public. This course is for anyone from beginners to experienced project managers and costs less than $20 to purchase.

Project Management Certificates by Oxford Home Study Centre

Based out of the UK, the Oxford Home Study Centre offers a great free project management course covering the basics of the industry. Presented as an online course, the Oxford course only takes roughly twenty hours to complete, is available online, and can be completed at a pace you’re comfortable with. The course covers project management fundamentals, the role you’ll have as a project manager, as well as the life cycle of a project, and how to manage it. In addition to all of this, the Oxford Home Centre offers a certificate for those who finish the course.

So, now that you’ve got a few different options for learning project management; what’re you waiting for? Like we said, project management is a vital skill for anyone looking to learn how to run their business; and developing a firm grasp on the fundamentals will not only improve how you do business, but how you engage with customers, staff, and investors as well to become a more efficient unit.

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