New Brunswick a Digital Boost

Giving New Brunswick a Digital Boost

25 Aug. 20

“Business as usual” might never be the same again. Due to the widespread COVID-19 pandemic, businesses have been shutting operations. The larger corporations are able to stave off total collapse, but the smaller firms have been unable to cope with the losses mounting daily. In Canada, the situation isn’t any different, and even places like New Brunswick have felt the devastating economic effect of the pandemic.

In such a time, what is needed is a concerted effort to bring the economy back on track. This may be achieved by helping the businesses, one by one. Businesses need to implement modern solutions to achieve their objectives.

This is where TechImpact comes in. Working with the financial support of ACOA and the Government of New Brunswick, TechImpact aims to give New Brunswick businesses a “Digital Boost.” This can help firms become more productive and resilient by adopting new technologies while working with New Brunswick IT services firms.

Working with qualified New Brunswick-based IT partners, businesses based out of the area will now be able to implement new technology solutions and boost digital marketing through this program. Furthermore, the program covers around 75% of the cost of these technology projects, up to a maximum of 50,000 USD, for qualified businesses. All you need to do to undertake a project is to apply and work with a Digital Boost Qualified Technology Provider.

There are two branches to this program.

Digital Boost for Businesses

As a business, resurrecting yourself after the pandemic can be tough. Which is why technology helps to achieve your objectives faster. Firms are looking to strengthen their capabilities so they can effectively stand their ground against such disasters in the future.

By working with TechImpact’s Digital Boost program, businesses based out of New Brunswick can embrace new technology and digital processes to boost digital marketing, productivity, and improve profits, as well as build resilience, open up new export markets. This will give the companies access to a wide range of resources that can help them achieve their developmental objectives.

There are certain eligibility criteria for companies to be considered for the Digital Boost Program.

  • The firm should have a registered and operating head office in New Brunswick.
  • The company should be for profit.
  • The company should be profitable with over at-least 2 million USD in annual revenue.
  • Growth should be the company’s objective, and it should have increased its staff strength in the last 2 years.
  • The company must show signs of analytical potential.
  • Having a Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) business number is mandatory.
  • The firm and its employees should have a leaning towards digital business culture.
  • The company should focus on exports, whether it is to the rest of the country or to the world.

Certain sectors like retail/wholesale, real estate, government services, social services, softwood lumber, and professional services, cannot be included under the Digital Boost Program.

Digital Boost for IT Service Providers

Being home to many state-of-the-art Information Technology Services forms, New Brunswick is primed to provide the best IT solutions to firms in and around Canada. Via the Digital Boost program, TechImpact aims to match local IT service providers with firms in New Brunswick that could use the IT expertise to improve their business performance. Today, many firms are looking to implement AI, and more, within their businesses to outdo their competitors. As an IT service provider, there is no shortage of demand from firms looking to upgrade themselves technologically.

There are certain conditions you must fulfill to be a Digital Boost Qualified Technology Provider.

  • Your IT services firm must have its headquarters in Brunswick, or even if the headquarters are somewhere else, the firm must have a significant presence in the area.
  • Your IT company should have strong technological competencies in the areas covered by the Digital Boost program.
  • Your team should be qualified, professional, and have relevant experience.
    Your firm should have successfully completed similar projects and you need to show us the results via relevant case studies and customer references.
  • You should have an active team in New Brunswick to be able to work on projects.

Once you submit an application, a Digital Boost Review Committee goes through it to decide whether a firm would be a good fit for us. We hope that firms in New Brunswick will consider becoming a Digital Boost Qualified Technology Provider.

FAQs For Businesses

  • What projects are eligible for the Digital Boost program?

    This program is meant to support projects focused on different areas like AI/Machine Learning, Cloud Migration, Work Process Modernisation, and Automation, Business Analytics, and Cybersecurity amongst others. Get in touch and find out whether your firm is eligible or not.

  • What are the financial parameters?

    Digital Boost will provide 75 percent of the project cost up to a maximum of $50,000.

  • How do I apply?

    You can use their official website, or contact at to discuss.

  • What if I have a problem I want to fix but am unsure of the technology solution to consider?

    They can help you by discussing your business situation, and bringing in a Digital Boost Qualified Technology Provider to look at the possibilities of doing an initial assessment.

  • How is the decision made?

    Each application is reviewed by the Digital Boost Review Committee to ensure it meets the criteria.

  • What are the phases of the project?

    A Digital Boost project has two phases – assessment and implementation.

  • How long will the program last?

    The Digital Program will have a continuous intake and operate until the fund is exhausted. The program has a total budget of $1.25 million.

FAQs for IT Services Providers

  • Who is eligible to be a Digital Boost Qualified Technology Provider?

    Any New Brunswick-based IT service firm or a firm that has a significant presence in New Brunswick can apply to become one.

  • What criteria are used to determine who can become a Digital Boost Qualified Technology Provider?

    The Digital Boost Review Committee will review each application. Each application will be assessed on technical ability, similar projects completed, staff qualifications, and other parameters.

  • How will providers be compensated?

    You will sign a Statement of Work (SOW) and contract with each Digital Boost recipient who will pay you 100 percent of the costs of the project. TechImpact, with funding from our ACOA and GNB partners, will reimburse the client 75 percent of the costs.

  • Who is the contractual agreement with?

    Your contractual agreement is with the Digital Boost recipient and they will pay you for your services.

  • What is the process for a project to be approved? Do we bring a proposal forward to TechImpact for approval or does the client?

    All projects must be reviewed and approved prior to commencing any work.

  • What happens if the project goes over budget?

    Any project overruns must be covered 100 percent by the Digital Boost Recipient. There will be no exceptions to this rule and it is up to the technology provider to manage with the recipient.

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