Streamline Your Political Campaign

Streamline Your Political Campaign with the 10 best Political Campaign Softwares

24 Aug. 20

Regardless of which country you are living in, a political campaign software is utilized to manage campaigns, donations, and events for elections, fundraisers, etc. Usually, such softwares greatly streamline the entire campaign processes, letting candidates and organizations manage their resources in an effective way. Political campaign softwares can either be used by political action committees (PACs), politicians, or Nonprofit advocacy groups (NAGs).

The various tools of a political campaign software let organizers track constituents, manage fundraising programs, connect with volunteers, and control an online outreach. However, these softwares work best when combined with other software solutions like social media management, web content management, CRM, and eMail marketing.

If you are looking to elevate your existing campaign to a whole new level, then the following list is for you.

The top 10 best political campaign softwares

  • NationBuilder

    NationBuilder is a highly-sought-after community engagement platform that has been instrumental in working with some of the world’s most important and significant campaigns. It is a single system that uses readymade website templates, a database supporter that allows full integration, efficient donor management, novel fundraising, timely petitioning, as well as powerful field tools, and an advanced email and texting feature that allows you to work with your advocates at any time. Infuse some energy into your community with dynamic profiles that improve with each interaction. NationBuilder has been living up to its name and is trusted by more than 9000 customers across 112 varied nations.

    In 2017, Jagmeet Singh became the first colored elected person to lead a national party in Canada. In partnership with cStreet and other effective architects from the NationBuilder ecosystem, the software assisted with the campaign and community managing texts and mobile integrations to engage supporters across the country in an effective way.

  • CQ Engage

    CQ Engage as a tool allows for powerful advocacy, and organizations using it are able to affect a community positively by educating, engaging, mobilizing and growing them at a grassroots level. The software is flexible and allows the user to either build an advocacy site or use their own plugins. You can also educate your supporters to create even more powerful strategies. You can reach the government by phone, email, or even social media networks, such as Facebook and Twitter. CQ Engage allows advocates to make comments on regulations, and enables petition signing, voter registration, and is even a great place to share some powerful personal stories. Save your time as this tool allows you to sync your advocate data to your existing CRM or AMS. In addition, it gives you nonpartisan insights, a great blessing for those who follow, shape, or lead public policy.

  • ECanvasser

    Mobilize your grassroots, and engage your communities effectively using this tool that is designed for advocacy groups, nonprofits, and political campaigns. It uses advanced technology, a community mapping database along with a mobile application and supporter engagement tools. A special feature, known as Walk Application, allows your grassroots team to knock on doors and engage effectively with their community. Used for events and on-street canvassing, this app is versatile enough to handle everything, right from new supporter onboarding to relational organizing.

  • Muster

    Muster, the unique advocacy platform, empowers users with great tools to quickly and effectively engage their advocates at various levels of government, namely local, state, and federal, as well as with other custom targets. Through Muster, you can build your email, bump up your Twitter engagement, apply click-to-call campaigns, and make full use of the analytics suite to measure your performance for consistent improvement. Muster has very interesting action widgets that you may embed on your website. These nifty little widgets inform your advocates regarding legislative updates, using email newsletters, and can even help you grow your supporter base.

  • Aristotle Campaign Manager

    This campaign manager is quite the all-rounder as it allows for effective fundraising, enables compliance testing, and provides you with an accounting platform. This is an award-winning campaign relationship management platform that has been specifically tailored by campaign veterans for treasurers and fundraisers. You can pull up underperforming donors via Donor Insights and check who else they are offering to and how much to ask. The software offers a host of other features like Custom Call Sheets, Seamless Compliance Checks, Powerful Reporting and much more. You will have a team dedicated to provide 24×7 support.

  • Democracy Direct

    This highly-effective political campaign software allows you to oversee, sort, and segment complicated stakeholder data records so you can store your data according to either legislative districts, both state and federal. In addition to that, you can even receive information on the latest grassroots activity, the latest PAC contributions, key contact designations, and much more. Democracy Direct also allows you to build and maintain relationships with lawmakers, helping you solidify your campaign.

  • Crowdskout

    Crowdskout is responsible for both campaigns and advocacy. By using this platform, you can simultaneously operate smarter grassroots campaigns and advocacy efforts, and consolidate your data in one place. This allows for the effective execution of targeted, data-driven outreach. Crowdskout boasts of features, such as allowing users to spin up landing pages, forms to rally supporters, managing hundreds of phone-banking efforts with tailor-made surveys and call scripts and searching and segmenting the data to identify trends in your audience. This versatile platform allows you to form custom data visualizations for simultaneous reporting. Organizations have effectively implemented Crowdskout to take on issues, win campaigns, and mobilize voters. You can connect with supporters both offline and online. Thanks to Crowdskout, data-usage has become democratized, and you can search, segment and visualize your data before acting. Due to this, you may now identify, connect and analyze your audience in an intimate manner. Crowdskout also allows you to push advocacy initiatives, as well as increase community outreach and organize your vote bank.

  • Trailblazer Campaign Manager

    Here’s a one-of-a-kind campaign tool that allows users to club everything that they need for important functions, ranging from FEC compliance to tracking voters, overseeing fieldwork, communications, event management, fundraising, and more. This cloud-based database is an effective way to store all information related to your constituency, such as details of the voters, volunteers, donors, etc. Forms provided by the software integrates with your existing website for email sign-ups, volunteer registration, and online donations. You can track and engage with your supporters, keep an eye on hot-button issues, and even execute GOTV tasks for election day. Their quality live support and free training programmes ensure you stay at the top of your game.

  • Mobilize

    This is a great event management and volunteer recruitment platform that brings together goal-oriented organizations and their supporters. Attested by more than 2000 nonprofits, Mobilize has worked with progressive campaigns, labour unions, advocacy organizations, and an ever-growing network of more than 2 million supporters. There are features like the ability to post your first event in minutes, and making sure volunteers sign up, show up, and bring their friends and come back. You can even convert volunteers to event hosts, and further tap into a vast network spanning millions. And finally, make sound decisions backed by data, and enjoy the ability to integrate this software with your other existing tools. Mobilize offers the perfect platform for organizing your political campaign effectively.

  • Campaign Sidekick

    Campaign Sidekick is built for those who want to know their audience, understand their supporters, and just need a push to win. This software basically lets you track your campaign analytics and lets you run your show. The user interface of the system is effective yet simple to use.

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